This site is designed to provide links information for people with a
shared interest in keeping rare and minority breeds of livestock.
The page was originally set up for rare breeds in Yorkshire only but,
due to interest from other areas, we later included any rare breed site.


Rare Breeds in Yorkshire (and elsewhere)

Name and area Breeds Further information Contact
Pepperfield Farm
(North Yorkshire)
Gloucester Old Spot and Tamworth pigs,
Wiltshire Horn sheep,
buff and blue Orpington chickens
website e-mail
Island Heritage
(North Yorkshire)
Hebridean, Manx Loghtan,
North Ronaldsay and Shetland sheep
website e-mail
Ruston Fold of Highland Cattle
(near Scarborough, North Yorkshire)
Highland Cattle website e-mail
Traditional Pigs
(North Yorkshire)
Old Spot pigs, Pietrain and Welsh X Old Spot growers. Poultry: Embden geese, Black Rocks, Light Sussex. Supplies hatching eggs and live birds - growers and point of lay website e-mail
Yorkshire Meats
(North Yorkshire)
Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, Highland cattle website Contact via website
Glencroft Poultry
(North Yorkshire)
Bovans Nera laying hens,
Cochins, Brahmas, Silkies,
Bantam Laced Wyandottes.Garden doves.
White Star and Blue Star hens
website e-mail
The Meads Flock
(North Yorkshire)
Badgerface Welsh Mountain sheep website contact via website
Ryedale Whitefaced Woodlands
(North Yorkshire)
Whitefaced Woodland sheep e-mail for information e-mail
Cleveland Bay Society
(North Yorkshire)
Cleveland Bay horses website e-mail
Nigel Stock Old English pheasant fowl, Campine, Dorking and Australorp chickens North Yorkshire e-mail
Strathmore Farm
(West Yorkshire)
Dexter and Highland cattle, Ryeland sheep website e-mail
Temple Newsam Farm
(Leeds, West Yorkshire)
Many breeds of cattle, sheep
goats, pigs and poultry
website e-mail
(East Yorkshire)
Dexter cattle, Kerry Hill sheep,
Saddleback, Tamworth,
Large Black and Gloucester Old Spot pigs
website e-mail
Cruckley Farm
(Driffield, East Yorkshire)
White Park cattle, Greyfaced Dartmoor sheep
and Tamworth pigs
website e-mail
Asselby Chucks
(East Yorkshire)
Traditional Poultry Breeds
Orpingtons, Araucanas, Shetlands, Silver laced Wyandottes, Marans, Golden Pheasants.
Hatching eggs to Point of Lay.
e-mail for information e-mail
(East Yorkshire)
Tamworth, Middle White, Large Black and Gloucester Old Spot pigs website e-mail
Kirise Dexters
(East Yorkshire)
Dexter cattle, Oxford Sandy and Black pigs website e-mail
Raw Green Cottages
(South Yorkshire)
Orpingtons, Marans, Polish, Cream Legbars, plus various Hybrids website e-mail
Northmoor Rare Breeds
(near Doncaster, South Yorkshire)
Mangalitza and Berkshire pigs,
Hereford and Northern Dairy Shorthorn cattle,
various breeds of rare and traditional poultry - breeds include Dorkings, Wellsummers, Ixworths, Marsh Daisy, Cream Legbars.
Stock usually available contact Tracey or John on 01302 351251
Cannon Hall Open Farm
(near Barnsley, South Yorkshire)
Gloucester and Highland cattle,
Soay and Jacob sheep,
Saddleback and Kune Kune pigs,
Shire horse and Shetland and Welsh ponies
website e-mail
Heeley City Farm
South Yorkshire)
Soay sheep, Large Black pigs,
Irish Moiled cattle
website e-mail
Island Poultry
(Isle of Lewis)
Scots Grey, Silver Sussex, White Wyandotte
and Buff Orpington hens,
Indian Runner, Welsh Harlequin,
Aylesbury and Saxony ducks,
Mini Lop rabbits
website e-mail
Allandoo Pheasantry
(Southwest Scotland)
Ornamental and rare pheasants website e-mail
Kinlockroag Cattle
(Isle of Lewis)
Highland cattle website e-mail
Romesdal Cattle
(Isle of Skye)
Highland cattle website e-mail
Oban Rare Breeds Farm Tamworth pigs, Golden Guernsey goats
and Castlemilk Moorit sheep
website e-mail
Bidgiemire Pig Company
Tamworth, Berkshire, Large Black and
Sandy and Black pigs
website e-mail
(near Biggar)
Ryeland sheep, Dexter cows,
Maran, Light Sussex, Silkie and Araucana hens.
Tamworth and Large Black Pigs.
website e-mail
Native Breeds @ Rook House
(County Cleveland)
White Galloway and Highland cattle,
Shetland and Jacob sheep,
Yorkshire and Berkshire pigs,
poultry and free range eggs
Stock occasionally available e-mail
Dowlaw Farm
Soay sheep website contact via website
Pigs 'r' Us
(South Cumbria)
Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs website contact via website
Sherwood Forest Farm Park
Highland and Longhorn cattle, Tamworth and
Gloucester Old Spot pigs,
Shetland, Leicester Longwool
and Portland sheep,
Bagot and Golden Guernsey goats
website e-mail
Pig Paradise Farm
(Staffordshire and Derbyshire)
Berkshire, Gloucester Old Spot, Oxford
Sandy and Black, Tamworth, British Lop,
Large Black, Middle White
Kune Kune, Potbellied and German Micro pigs
website e-mail
Traditional and
Rare Breed Meat
British Saddleback, Middle White
and Gloucester Old Spot pigs,
Dexter cattle, Soay, Portland
and Shetland sheep
website e-mail
Traditional British Fowl Company
Cream Legbar, Rhodebar, Marsh Daisy, Ixworth, Redcap and Red Sussex poultry website contact via website
Higher Oxhey Farm
Mangalitza pigs and llamas website Contact via website
Rich Peckings
Rhea, swans, ornamental ducks and geese, rare breeds and endangered breeds including Ixworth, Sabelpoot and Orpington. Bantams: Dutch, Belgiums
and traditional farm breeds
website e-mail
Back Forest Flocks
Soay and Boreray sheep website e-mail
Finnington Traditional Breeds
Large Black and Middle White pigs, Soay sheep and British White cattle. website e-mail
Chapel herd/flock
(North Cheshire/
South Manchester)
Belted and White Galloway cattle,
British Saddleback, Berkshire and
Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Southdown sheep.
Scots Grey bantams
website contact via website
Woodbine Cottage Meats
Manx Loghtan sheep, Dexter cattle,
Tamworth, Berkshire, Saddleback
and Gloucester Old Spot pigs
website contact via website
Hedgemonkey Homegrown
rare breed Tamworth pigs and Jacob sheep website e-mail
Baylham House Farm
Cattle, goats, pigs, sheep, poultry website contact via website
Old Hall Rare Breeds
British White and Jersey cattle,
Greyfaced Dartmoor and Norfolk Horn sheep,
Gloucester Old Spot, Large Black
and Tamworth pigs
website e-mail
Chinashop Rare Breeds
(Isle of Wight)
Cleveland Bay Horses, Irish Moiled
and White Park cattle,
Wensleydale and
Whitefaced Woodland sheep
website e-mail
Seven Sisters Sheep Centre
(East Sussex)
Balwen, Castlemilk Moorit, Cotswold, Dorset Down, Greyfaced Dartmoor, Hebridean, Hill Radnor, Kerry Hill, Leicester Longwool, Lincoln Longwool, Llanwenog, Manx Loghtan, North Ronaldsay, Oxford Down, Portland, Shetland, Shropshire, Soay,
Southdown, Teeswater, Wensleydale,
Whitefaced Woodland and Wiltshire Horn sheep
website contact via website
LPH Poultry
(West Sussex)
Light Sussex, copper black and French wheaten Marans, Sultan, white Silkie, black, buff and gold laced Orpington, Coad Langshan and Exchequer Leghorn hens. Wyandotte bantams website e-mail
Heathylee House Farm
White Park cattle, Middle White pigs, Whitefaced Woodland and Jacob sheep,
rare breed poultry
website e-mail
Roston Ryelands
Ryeland sheep website e-mail
Wain Lee Farm
Mangalitza curly coated pigs website e-mail
Longland Farms
Soay Sheep, Wiltshire Horn Sheep and Dexter Cattle website e-mail
Chalk Hill Poultry
Orpington, Cochin, Brahma, Sussex and Wyandotte hens and bantams. Tamworth pigs.
geese and turkeys
website e-mail
Eden Livestock
Wiltshire Horn sheep,
Large Polish, Pekin Bantam
and garden hybrid poultry
website e-mail
Gold Laced Orpingtons
Gold Laced Orpingtons website e-mail
Salvation Army -
Hadleigh Farm
Rare Breeds Centre
Gloucester Old Spot and Large Black pigs, Bagot and Golden Guernsey goats,
Greyfaced Dartmoor sheep, Ixworth
and Derbyshire Redcap chickens
website contact via website
New Barn Farm
Registered traditionally reared
Gloucester Old Spot pigs and Dexter cattle
website e-mail
Shadowland Coloured
Ryeland sheep
Coloured Ryeland sheep website e-mail
Brooks Farm
(East London)
Shorthorn cattle, Jacob and Ryeland sheep,
Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Saanen goat
website contact via website
Langley Chase Organic Farm
Manx Loghtan sheep website e-mail
Little Misses Chickens
Polish Bantams, Pekin Bantams, Light Buff and Speckled Sussex, hybrid layers, table birds, Wyandotte Bantams, Khaki Campbells, Call Ducks website e-mail
Brian and Hilary Howell
Portland sheep website e-mail
Brandel Rare Breeds
Poultry and waterfowl website e-mail
The Wheatley Park Flock
(West Devon)
Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, chocolate Muscovy ducks, Sebastapol geese, Cayuga ducks,
poultry - Vorwerk chickens
website e-mail
South Yeo Farm West
Welsh Mountain Badger Face sheep (Torwen and Torddu), Berkshire pigs, Aylesbury ducks website e-mail
South Yeo Farm
Balwen sheep, Large Black pigs, poultry - Ixworth, Old English Pheasant Fowl, Dorking, Vorwerk, Lakenvelder, Andalusian, Speckled Sussex, Silver Spangled Hamburgh, Barnevelder, Welsummer, Marans, Cayuga. West of England geese. website e-mail
Radley Rare Breeds
(North Devon)
Berkshire and Gloucester Old Spot pigs,
Red Ruby cattle, Dorking, Orpington,
Brahma and Wyandotte hens, ducks and geese
website e-mail
Penborn Goat Farm
Golden Guernsey and pygmy goats website e-mail
Penpethick Farm
Gloucester Old Spot pigs website e-mail
Gaerllwyd Flocks
(South Wales)
Boreray Sheep, Balwen Sheep, Soay sheep, Japanese Bantams. website e-mail
Chris and Kate Impey
(South Wales)
Berkshire and British Lop pigs, Balwen sheep Stock available e-mail
Tel. 01291
Glyn Elwyn
(South-west Wales)
Berkshire and Gloucester Old Spot pigs.
Ryeland and Lleyn sheep.
All registered with their individual
pedigree breed societies.
website e-mail
Manx Loghtan
Breeders Group
Manx Loghtan Sheep website contact via website
Orpingtons U.K. Large fowl orpingtons, blue, black, gold laced, lemon cuckoo, lavender. Silver and gold sebright bantams. sablepoot bantams. French wheaten marans, buff and blue wyandotte, large fowl. Cuckoo marans, light sussex, marsh daisy. website e-mail
English Goat Breeders Association English goats website e-mail
Local Food Adviser Promoting over 400 rare breed suppliers across UK and Ireland and around 80 local breeds. Easily search rare and native breeds by region. Rare breeds include cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry and game. website e-mail
Chas and Cath Heeley Hebridean sheep website e-mail
Eco Ferme
(South-west France)
Llamas, Alpacas, Goats: Pygmy, Angora, Alpine
Sheep: Skudden, Ouessant, Suffolk
Pigs: Vietnamese potbellies, Cul Noir, Tamworth
Horses: Percheron, Irish cobs, Paint Horse
Cattle: Jersey house cows, Highland
website e-mail
Pigs at les Rues
Tamworth, Saddleback, GOS, Vietnamese Potbelly, Kune Kune, Bayeux and Mangalitza pigs website e-mail
Spered Breizh Ouessants
Ouessant sheep website contact via website
Broederey de Weyde Gansch, near Tilburg American Buff geese, American Tufted Buff geese website e-mail
Pear Tree Farm
Ryeland sheep website e-mail
Randall Cattle Registry
Randall cattle website e-mail
Dolce Farm
Icelandic sheep website e-mail
Apache Hill Wool
and Fibre Company
Navajo-Churro and Wensleydale sheep website e-mail
Tongue River Farm
Icelandic sheep website e-mail
Homegrown Acres
Homegrown Acres is a diversified, sustainable small farm in the Missouri Ozark Mountains! We are breeding heritage Large Black and Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. website e-mail
Cynthia's Randall Cattle
Randall cattle website contact via website
Howland Homestead Farm
Randall cattle website contact via website
Cabbage Hill Farm
(New York)
Highland cattle, Devon cattle, Shetland sheep,
Shetland geese and ducks,
Large Black and Tamworth pigs, Marans hens
website contact via website
Robert Elliott
Katahdin sheep website e-mail
Peaceful Pastures
Alpine, Nubian and Saanen goats,
Red Angus cattle, Tamworth pigs,
Lincoln Longwool sheep, Hereford hogs,
Dominique, Astrolorp, Wyandotte and Rhode Island Red hens, American Bronze turkeys
website e-mail


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