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Important note - I haven't updated this site for many years so links may not work. Enjoy them if they do !

The background to this site is the frustration experienced by many Genealogists when looking for source material on the Net. No doubt you have all seen examples of what is available - lists of snail mail addresses, a multitude of never ending links, pages with fancy graphics (they've all won awards), and my pet hate, home pages which flatter the egos of the owner, their spouse, children and pets. This is an attempt to provide a site which concentrates mainly on providing direct access to source material.

Where there is a page that already provides considerable information, then a link is provided to save unnecessary duplication. In all cases there should be a maximum of two links between you and the source data.

This page is the only one with graphics of any sort, and the only "commercial" is for the Guild of One Name Studies, which I would recommend you join if you are engaged in serious Genealogical research. Although this is not a Guild initiative, many members have contributed URLs to the pages that follow.

Anyone can contribute to this collection of pages, as long as the pages fit in with the overall ethos of this site, namely that they should reference source material. Don't worry if the current contents list does not cover what you have in mind, we can always extend the list. If you wish to contribute, please mail me the full URL of the page together with a description of the contents.

You can navigate around by selecting from the options at the top and bottom of the page. For latest entries please click on the New graphic.

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