Irish Passenger Lists

"Snow George"

Names of persons who wish to go to Philadelphia in the Snow GEORGE of Philadelphia, indorsed from Belfast, sworn 22nd. September, 1803.

Thos. Armstrong         31     Farmer           Clonfeech, Armagh
Mary Armstrong          27                      Clonfeech, Armagh
Nathl. Byst             30     Dealer           Gencany, Antrim
Sarah Dawson            17                      Connor, Antrim
Jane Develin            32                      Ballymow, Armagh
Roger Develin           35     Farmer           Ballymow, Armagh
Edward Donnelly         27     Farmer           Lessan, Tyrone
John Dodds              30     Farmer           Dromal, Antrim
Alexr. Fulton           34     Farmer           Loughsill, Down
Hugh Gably              18     Labourer         Killinchy, Down
James Ganet             30     Dealer           Annaluit, Down
John Johnson            19     Farmer           Connor, Antrim
Thos. Kelly             36     Farmer           Grange, Down
Edward Lee              23     Farmer           Killeshandra, Co. Cavan
Ephriam Lee             26     Farmer           Killeshandra, Co. Cavan
Will. Lowry             29     Labourer         Killinchy, Down
Eliza. Mathews          25                      Belfast, Antrim
Thos. Mathews           27     Dealer           Belfast, Antrim
Patrick McKey           38     Farmer           Drumgoland, Down
Patrick Mullan          21     Dealer           Tynan, Armagh
John Pumphy             29     Farmer           Belfast, Antrim
Thos. Service           18     Labourer         Brochan, Antrim
Alexr. Stewart          21     Farmer           Tullylisk, Down
James Strachan          20     Farmer           Connor, Antrim
John Thompson           28     Dealer           Ballymony, Antrim
Mathew Timoly           28     Labourer         Ballymasaw, Down
Jane Toole              28                      Belfast, Antrim
Marcus Toole            39     Servant          Belfast, Antrim
Robert Walsh            22     Dealer           Downpatrick, Down
Henry Wilson            24     Schoolmaster     Belfast, Antrim
Joseph Wilson           22     Dealer           Belfast, Antrim


List of Passengers intending to go to Norfolk in America with the Ship VENUS, Resolve Waldron, Master, Burthen 246 Tons, sworn at Dublin, 14 November, 1803.

Thos. Best              17     Gentleman        Smithfield
Edward Dempsy           22     Farmer           Kilmbullock, Kings Co
Esther Dempsy           20                      Kilmbullock, Kings Co
Judy Dempsy             19                      Kilmbullock, Kings Co
Mary Dempsy             50                      Kilmbullock, Kings Co
Catherine Dempsy        16                      Kilmbullock, Kings Co
Thos. Dempsy            18     Farmer           Kilmbullock, Kings Co
George McEntire                Physican         17, Crampton Court
Mrs. McEntire           22                      17, Crampton Court
Edward Rooney           30     Merchant         45, Smithfield
John Sherman            18     Merchant         13, Little Britten St., Dublin  


A Report of Passengers on board the American Ship ACTIVE, whereof Robert McKown is Master, burden 138 Tons, bound for Philadelphia, sworn at Newry, 18th. May, 1803.

Andrew Barnett          24     Labourer
Annabella Barnett       20
Eliza. Barnett          16
Jane Barnett            12
John Barnett            38     Labourer
Margt. Barnett          34
Eliza. Laverty          20
Robert Mills            40     Labourer
James Moore             21     Clerk
Martha Parnell          18
Eliza. Rendles          16
John Rendles            38     Labourer
Thomas Rendles          12     Labourer
James Rendles           40     Labourer
Wm. Stewart             50     Labourer
Margt. Stewart          38
Ann Stewart             24
Agnes Stewart           20
Susannah Stewart        18


A List of Passengers on board the BETSY for New York, sworn at Newry, 22 September, 1803.

Mick Burns              25     Labourer         Armagh
Pat Cassidy             17     Farmer           Armagh
James Conwell           28     Farmer           Armagh
Catherine Conwell       27                      Armagh
Anthony Conwell         26     Farmer           Armagh    
Bernard Conwell         25     Farmer           Armagh
Jeremiah Conwell        24     Farmer           Armagh
John Humphry            32     Merchant         Lisburn
James Kilheath          25     Farmer           Kilkeel
Jane Kilheath           26                      Kilkeel
Pat McCullough          26     Farmer           Armagh
Sally McCullough        27                      Armagh
Owen McUraney           22     Labourer         Carrickadrummond
James Moore             45     Labourer         Cranfield
Pat Murray              28     Labourer         Hillsborough
Sarrah Murray           26                      Hillsborough
Saml. Patterson         21     Labourer         Grange
Nelly Small             30                      Down
Jenny Smith             26                      Clough
Robert Smith            28     Farmer           Clough
Eliza. Tedford          28                      Down
George Tedford          28     Labourer         Down
Rachel Weston           20                      Charlestown, America


A report of Passengers on board the American Ship DIANA of New Bedford, burden 223 tons, whereof Henry Hurter is Master, bound for New York, sworn at Newry, 18th. May, 1803.

Isabella Allen          32                      Market-hill
Sarah Barder            31                      Ballybery
Charlotte Brothers      26                      Banbridge
John Brothers           30     Labourer         Monaghan
Rebecca Brothers        45                      Newry
Richard Burden          28     Labourer         Fentona
John Burden             32     Labourer         Ballybery
Mary Cahoone            22                      Cavan
Isaac Collins           30     Labourer         Monaghan
John Collins            36     Labourer         Market-hill
Samuel Crawley          35     Labourer         Cootehill
Mary Crowley            39                      Market-hill
Patrick Crowley         39     Labourer         Market-hill
Rebecca Deblois         24                      Ballyconnell
James Downs             30     Labourer         Cootehill
Henry Ellis             30     Labourer         Newry
James Farrel            40     Labourer         Stewartstown
Thomas Fure             39     Labourer         Newry
Thomas Lewis            30     Labourer         Monaghan
John Martin             36     Labourer         Monaghan
Mary Martin             20                      Banbridge
John Michael            30     Labourer         Dundalk
Hannah Mytrood          25                      Newry
Mary Overing            25                      Cavan
Benjamin Philips        30     Labourer         Dundalk
Patrick Phillips        24     Labourer         Strabane
Thomas Rooney           40     Labourer         Banbridge
Wm. Sleith              23     Labourer         Dundalk
Thomas Smith            37     Labourer         Bathfriland
Eliza. Whithom          23                      Killyshandon


A List of Passengers intended to go from this Port by the Ship HOPEWELL of and for New York, burden 125 tons, sworn at Newry 6th. of June, 1803.

John Anderson           25     Labourer
James Couser            18     Labourer
Pat Cullager            20     Labourer
Wm. Daly                30     Labourer
Peter Downey            22     Labourer
Geo. Ferrigan           32     Labourer
David Humphries         52     Labourer
Joseph Humphries        26     Labourer
Moses Humphries         17     Labourer
Robert Humphries        40     Labourer
Robt. Humphries         19     Labourer
Wm. Martin              36     Labourer
John McCeaverell        35     Labourer
Thos. McLeberry         21     Labourer
James Reed              20     Labourer
Sam Smyley              35     Labourer
William Thornbury       40     Labourer


A List of Passengers of the Ship INDEPENDANCE who have contracted to take their Passage to New York in the said ship being of the burthen of 300 Tons and upwards, Mathias Fleming, Master, sworn at Londonderry, 31st. October, 1803.

Rose Caffry             18     Spinster         Raphoe
Thomas Caffry           20     Labourer         Raphoe
Luke Creyon             20     Labourer         Sligo
Roger Creyon            18     Labourer         Sligo
John Fisher             26     Labourer         Letterkenny
John Hopkins            24     Labourer         Letterkenny
Mary Latemore           28                      Letterkenny
Wm. Latemore            30     Labourer         Letterkenny
Thomas Laughlin         18     Farmer           Raphoe
Michael Leary           20     Farmer           Raphoe
Thomas Leary            28     Farmer           Raphoe
Mathew McDole           36     Labourer         Carrickfergus
T. McDole               20     Spinster         Carrickfergus
Edward McKelvy          35     Farmer           Letterkenny
Mrs. McKelvy            35                      Letterkenny
    plus 3 children
Margt. Miller           20     Spinster         Derry
Joseph Robinson         20     Labourer         Letterkenny
John C. Steward         24     Farmer           Sligo
Henry Tory              28     Labourer         Letterkenny
James Ward              25     Labourer         Letterkenny
Francis Wood            26     Labourer         Letterkenny
Isabella Wood                                   Letterkenny
    plus infant child

"Lady Washington"

A List of Passengers who have engaged to go in the Brig LADY WASHINGTON, John Luscombe, Master, from Belfast to Charleston, sworn 22nd. September, 1803.

David Bell              26     Merchant         Belfast, Antrim
John Blackwood          15     Farmer           Clough
Thomas Caldwell         20     Labourer         Broad Island
William Caldwell        18     Labourer         Broad Island
Saml. Carson            36     Merchant         Belfast, Antrim
William Craig           54     Farmer           Mageradroll, Co. Down
Agnes Craig                    Wife             Mageradroll, Co. Down
    plus Child and Servant Boy
William Hoey            18     Farmer           Ballykill, Antrim
Mrs. Lamont                    Widow            Charleston, South Carolina
Saml. Leslie            22     Farmer           Kilmore, Down
Willm. Leslie           20     Farmer           Kilmore, Down
John Lowry              35     Farmer           Garvagh, Down
Jane McCance            54                      Blackumigo, South Carolina
Elizh. McCance          57                      Magerdroll
Hugh McCance            55     Farmer           Magerdroll
Samul. McCance          22     Son              Magerdroll
Hugh McCance            19     Son              Magerdroll
Jane McCance            19     Dau.             Magerdroll
Arthur O'Neil           24     Farmer           Drumarra, Down
Saml. Rabb              23     Farmer           Ballinhurch, Antrim
John Sherlock           23     Labourer         Glenary, Antrim
John Wilson             43                      Ballycam
Mrs. Wilson             35                      Ballycam
John Young              22     Labourer         Glenary, Antrim


Passengers engaged to Sail on board the American Brig ATLANTIC, Robert Askins, Master, burden 196 tons, for Boston, sworn at Dublin, 19th. June, 1804.

Note that third column is height in Feet and Inches

John Bolger             36    5-5     Labourer         Dublin
Cath. Bolger            36            Wife             Dublin
Sydenham Davis          20    5-2     Farmer           Summerhill, Kilkenny
Samuel Duke             21    5-5     Labourer         Thomastown, Kilkenny
William Gorman          32    5-10    Clerk            Dublin
Hugh Heffernan          22    5-6     Labourer         Clonsart, Kings Co.
Walter Madigan          35    6-0     Labourer         Thomastown, Kilkenny
Catherine Madigan       25            Wife             Thomastown, Kilkenny
James Maxwell           20    5-8     Labourer         Dublin
Ralph Morgan            20    5-11    Labourer         Raheen, Kilkenny
Daniel Nowlan           21    5-10    Clerk            Tullow, Carlow
John O'Hara             31    5-3     Labourer         Kilmurray, Kilkenny
Michael Ryan            22    5-7     Labourer         Thomastown, Kilkenny
Andrew Shortell         21    5-0     Labourer         Thomastown, Kilkenny
Martin Switzer          28    5-10    Labourer         Navan, Meath
Additional Passengers sworn 26th. June, 1804.

Wm. O'Brien             20    5-6     Clerk            Dublin
Michael Kane            25    5-6     Clerk            Dublin
Michl. Mallon           33    5-6     Brewer           Dungannon, Tyrone
Henry Bowerman          40    5-8     Lieut.           Nova Scotia Infantry
Anthony Kearns          23    5-7     Labourer         Dunleer, Louth
Andrew Melvin           25    5-9     Clerk            Bray, Wicklow
Thomas Reynolds         22    5-6     Clerk            Klena, Longford


Roll of Passengers to be received on board the Ship CATHERINE of Dublin, 170 tons burthen as per Register, George Thomas, Master, now in the Port of Killybegs and bound for New Castle and Philadelphia. Sworn at Ballyshannon, 9th. June, 1804.

John Conyngham          55     Farmer           Monargin in Killybegs
Isabella Conyngham      49                      Monargin in Killybegs
William Conyngham       26                      Monargin in Killybegs
Isabella Conyngham      23                      Monargin in Killybegs
Alexr. Conyngham        21     Labourer         Monargin in Killybegs
James Conyngham         18     Labourer         Monargin in Killybegs
John Conyngham          15     Labourer         Monargin in Killybegs
Catherine Conyngham     12                      Monargin in Killybegs
George Conyngham        49     Schoolmaster     Monargin in Killybegs
Andrew Conyngham        34     Farmer           Lochris in Mishue
Elitia Conyngham        34                      Lochris in Mishue
John Conyngham          12                      Lochris in Mishue
Andrew Conyngham         6                      Lochris in Mishue
Robt. Johnston          15                      Donegal
Robt. Henderson         45     Farmer           Lochris in Mishue
Elenor Henderson        44                      Lochris in Mishue
Elenor Henderson        18                      Lochris in Mishue
Jane Henderson          15                      Lochris in Mishue
Prudence Henderson      13                      Lochris in Mishue
George Henderson        11                      Lochris in Mishue
Ann Henderson            8                      Lochris in Mishue
Alexander Henderson      6                      Lochris in Mishue
Arthur Fawcet           19     Labourer         Lochris in Mishue
John Porter             43     Farmer           Lochris in Mishue
Elitia Porter           44                      Lochris in Mishue
Catherine Porter        22                      Lochris in Mishue
William Porter          20                      Lochris in Mishue
Alexr. Porter           18                      Lochris in Mishue
William Harran          37                      Carrick East, Drumhome
Elizh. Harran           37                      Carrick East, Drumhome
Ann Harran              15                      Carrick East, Drumhome
Jane Harran             13                      Carrick East, Drumhome
John Harran             10                      Carrick East, Drumhome
Alexr. Harran            7                      Carrick East, Drumhome
Matthew Brown           18     Labourer         Carrick East, Drumhome
William Harran          37     Farmer           Carrick Breeny, Drumhome
Jane Harran             32                      Carrick Breeny, Drumhome
Barbera Harran          11                      Carrick Breeny, Drumhome
Jane Harran              8                      Carrick Breeny, Drumhome
Thomas Grier            30                      Big Park, Drumhome
Jane Grier              23                      Big Park, Drumhome
John McCrea             24     Labourer         Lignanornan Drumhome
Catherine Fawcett       21                      Mt. Charles Inver, Drumhome
Elinor Devenny          27                      Benro in Killartie
Archd. Scott            26     Farmer           Tullymore in Misheel
Elinor Scott            20                      Tullymore in Misheel
Wm. Scott               20     Labourer         Ardara in Killybegs
Jas. McDade             22     Labourer         Killarhel in Misheel
Andw. Lamon             18                      Ardegat in Misheel
Patt Kennedy            52     Farmer           Meenhallu in Killymard
Susan Kennedy           52                      Meenhallu in Killymard
Edward Kennedy          24                      Meenhallu in Killymard
John Kennedy            19     Labourer         Meenhallu in Killymard
James Kennedy           13     Labourer         Meenhallu in Killymard
Patrick Kennedy         16     Labourer         Meenhallu in Killymard
Charles Kennedy         11     Labourer         Meenhallu in Killymard
Biddy McCafferty        20                      Meenhallu in Killymard
Daniel Sheerin          24                      Ardara in Killybegs
Michael Carlain         26                      Donegal
George Maxwell          24                      Raferty in Killartie
James Syms              45     Farmer           Bractcia in Killartie
Mary Syms               40                      Bractcia in Killartie
Samuel Syms              6                      Bractcia in Killartie
Elizh. Syms              4                      Bractcia in Killartie
Tera Allis              30                      Drimahy in Done
James Allis             14     Labourer         Drimahy in Done
Owen McGloghlin         29     Farmer           Glen, Donegal
Nelly McGloghlin        30                      Glen, Donegal
? McGloghlin             5                      Glen, Donegal
Patt Gillespy           35                      Glen, Donegal
Pegy Gillespy           24                      Glen, Donegal
John McClosky           25     Labourer         Drimreny in Inver
Rose McClosky           19                      Drimreny in Inver
John Syms               30                      Glen, Donegal
Cath. Syms              21                      Glen, Donegal


A List of Passengers intending to go by the American Brig Ceres of New York, Herbert Forrester, Master, from Newry for New York, sworn 31st. May, 1804.

Robert Tronson          17     Gentleman        Newtown, Hamilton
Thomas Hanlon           26     Farmer           Armagh
Judith Hanlon           26                      Armagh
Joseph Love             23     Labourer         Armagh
Rose Love               18                      Armagh
John Pebbes             43     Gentleman        Hamiltonsbawn
Ann Pebbes              37                      Hamiltonsbawn
Margt. Pebbes           14                      Hamiltonsbawn
Sarah Pebbes             9                      Hamiltonsbawn
Annebella Pebbes         5                      Hamiltonsbawn
Mary Jane Pebbes        Inf                     Hamiltonsbawn
Ann Murray              26                      Fivemiletown
Betsey Murray           23                      Fivemiletown
Mary Patterson          34                      Lisdromore
Patt Mcconnel           24     Labourer         Moy
Kitty McConnel          22                      Moy


A List of Passengers who have contracted to take their passage on board the Ship DUNCAN of Whitehaven, burden 238 tons, Abraham Sebson, Master, for New York, sworn at Londonderry, 26th. May, 1804.

George Cuthbert         35     Labourer         Coleraine
James Alcorn            40     Labourer         Glenvenogh, Donegal
Michl. Alcorn           16     Labourer         Glenvenogh, Donegal
John Alcorn             17     Labourer         Glenvenogh, Donegal
Michl. Alcorn           16     Labourer         Glenvenogh, Donegal
Ann Cuthbert            13     Spinster         Glenvenogh, Donegal
Fanny Cuthbert          12     Spinster         Glenvenogh, Donegal
John Coyle              20     Farmer           Glenvenogh, Donegal
James McCaran           20     Farmer           Glenvenogh, Donegal
Edward McCaran          22     Farmer           Glenvenogh, Donegal
James Todd              19     Labourer         Largilly
John Gibson             19     Labourer         Ballycloy
Thomas Paul             20     Labourer         Down
George Elliot           24     Farmer           Down
James Gamble            25     Farmer           Donaghardy, Co Tyrone
Samuel Patterson        26     Labourer         Donaghardy, Co Tyrone
George Watson           29     Labourer         Donaghardy, Co Tyrone
William Sanderson       35     Labourer         Langfield, Co.  Tyrone
Margt. Sanderson        18     Spinster         Langfield, Co.  Tyrone
Sidney Sanderson        28     Farmer           Langfield, Co.  Tyrone
James Davitt            24     Farmer           Astraw, Co. Tyrone
Patrick McGawly         26     Labourer         Urney, Co.  Tyrone
John Ginn               28     Labourer         Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
Margt. Ginn             26     Spinster         Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone    
Jane Ginn               20     Spinster         Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
Anne Ginn               50     Spinster         Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
Matthew Gibson          38     Farmer           Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
Eliza. Gibson           28     Spinster         Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
Fanny Gibson            18     Spinster         Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
Charles Johnston        38     Labourer         Fermanagh
Ann Johnston            26     Spinster         Fermanagh
Thomas Keys             24     Farmer           Magheranny
Eliza. Keys             20     Spinster         Magheranny
Francis Crow            22     Labourer         Magheranny
Richard Guthrie         34     Labourer         Magheranny
James Crozier           22     Labourer         Dromash
James Brisland          26     Farmer           Tyrone
Mary Gallagher          35     Spinster         Glenvenogh, Donegal
Margaret Woods          28     Spinster         Lissenderry


List of Passengers going to New York on the GEORGE of New Bedford, sworn at Belfast, 25th. February, 1804.

Andrew Smith            24     Farmer           Down
James Sprowl            30     Farmer           Down
John Crothers           44     Farmer           Antrim
Alexr. Cochran          36     Farmer           Down
Agnes Cochran           28     Wife             Down
    plus 4 children aged 1 to 8
Elenor Martin           70     Spinster         Down
Margt. Fleming          20     Spinster         Down
Wm. Hinger              20     Gentleman        Drumara
Peter O'Hamill          27     Labourer         Antrim
Thomas Duncan           18     Labourer         Antrim
John Johnston           50     Farmer           Antrim
Wm. Crothers            34     Farmer           Antrim
Rt. Crothers            30     Wife             Antrim
    plus 4 children aged 1 to 8
Thos. Gray              30     Farmer           Antrim
Jane Gray               27     Spinster         Antrim
Hans Wilson             24     Farmer           Bangor
Edw. Templeton          20     Farmer           Coleraine
Jane Templeton          18     Spinster         Coleraine
John Dawson             18     Farmer           Antrim
David Rea               24     Farmer           Antrim


List of Passengers on board the American Ship MECHANIC of Baltimore, Peter Thorn, Master, from Dublin to Baltimore, Navigated with ten men, 203 tons burden, sworn 28th. May, 1804.

Benjamin Clegg          22     Gentleman        Sradbally, Queens Co
George Clegg            26     Gentleman        Sradbally, Queens Co
Rev. Matthew Ryan       60     Clergyman        Dublin
James Carney            55     Farmer           Athy, Co. Kildare
Mary Carney             50                      Athy, Co. Kildare
Thomas Carney           30     Farmer           Athy, Co. Kildare
John Carney             20     Farmer           Athy, Co. Kildare
Nicholas Carney         19     Farmer           Athy, Co. Kildare
Martin Carney           11     Farmer           Athy, Co. Kildare
Ellen Dobbyn            20     Farmer?          Queens Co
William Rogers          30     Gentleman        S. Margarets, Dublin
John Hay                23     Gentleman        Newry, Down
George Reynolds         42     Gentleman        S. Margarets
Mary Reynolds                                   S. Margarets
Matthew Chrisian        22     Labourer         Borris, Queens Co.

Source: Handbook on Irish Genealogy