Irish Passenger Lists


List of passengers in the EAGLE from New York, sworn at Belfast, 10 March, 1804.

Note that the second figure is the height (feet and inches) of the passenger.

John Benson         19    5-3     labourer   Near Drumore
James Black         34    5-11    draper     Banbridge
Hamilton Brown      35    5-4     farmer     Killnechy
Jane Brown          35    5-4     spinster   Killnechy
Robert Cavert       36    5-2     labourer   Rathfyland
Marg. Cavart        28    5-0     spinster   Rathpiland
Jane Dickson        21    5-3     spinster   Banbridge
John Dickson        33    5-7     farmer     Banbridge
Jas. Fulton         22    5-8     labourer   Maghrolin
Margaret Gordon     21    5-4     spinster   Dromon
Thos. Gordon        28    5-5     labourer   Drumore
Hu. Hanison         13    5-11    farmer     Drumore
Josiah Kerr         28    5-8     clerk      Loughbickyard
Joseph Kerr         21    5-10    farmer     Hillsborough
Hamilton Kerr       17    5-0     farmer     Hillsborough
Eliz Kerr           49    5-4     spinster   Loughbickland
Eliz Kerr           30    5-6     spinster   Hillsborough
Sarah Kerr          49    5-4     spinster   Hillsborough
Wm. McKee           26    5-10    labourer   Mt
Anthy. McMordy      44    6-0     farmer     Banbridge
John McMurdy        30    5-7     farmer     Banbridge
James McMullen      28    5-6     farmer     Loughbrickland
James Moones        21    5-7     farmer     Ballendeny
Robert Patterson    24    5-11    farmer     Ballindeny
Adam Patterson      20    5-6     farmer     Ballindeny
Paul Rogan          30    5-8     labourer   Loughbuckland
Robt.  Smith        21    5-6     labourer   Hillsborough
Arthur Walker       27    5-9     labourer   Drumore
Eliz Walker         24    5-3     spinster   Dromon
Margaret Walker     25    6-0     spinster   Hillsboro
Wm. Whaly            7
Jane Whany          35    4-0                Dromon
Robert Whany        28    5-7     farmer     Drumore
Archd. Williams     21    5-8     farmer     Castle Dawson
Nancy Williams      23    5-6     spinster   Castle Dawson


List of passengers of the ship SUSAN of and for New York, sworn at Dublin 28 March 1804.

James Barry         23     gentleman    Dublin
Nicholas Caffrey    21     farmer       Monasterevan, Kildare
Judith Campbell     25     married      Knockmack, Meath
Keeron Carrill      23     servant      Dublin
Michael Cawlin      23     labourer     Nober, Meath
William Christian   25     labourer     Dublin
Joseph Dempsey      18     servant      Upper Wood, Queens Co.
Edward Donagan      21     labourer     Bala Braughin, Kings Co.
Simon Donnolly      22     labourer     Naas
Thomas Durm         28     labourer     Bala Braughan, Kings Co.
Robert Dyas         19     gentleman    Kings Court, Cavan
John Foran          35     labourer     Monasterevan, Kildare
Jane Fullard        10     spinster     Edenderry, Kings Co.
Frances Fullard     11     spinster     Edenderry, Kings Co.
Eliza Fullard       26     spinster     Edenderry, Kings Co.
Patrick Glenning    22     labourer     Monaterevan, Kildare
Mary Glenning       24     spinster     Monasterevan, Kildare
James Gore          26     gentleman    Dublin
Nicholas Hobart     30     labourer     Mullingar, Meath
Janes Hyres         30     married      Drogheds
Mark Kelly          30     farmer       Monasterevan, Kildare
Mary Kelly          30     married      Monasterevan, Kildare
Mary Kenny          36     married in Dublin
Thomas Matland      21     labourer     Dunlavin, Wicklow
Mary Ann Matland    20     spinster     Dunlavin, Wicklow
Ann Matland         56     married      Dunlavin, Wicklow
Edward McDermott    30     gentleman    Dublin
Michael Murthe      25     labourer     Lurganlyseen, South
Good Rhind          23     gentleman    Dublin
Michael Taylor      38     labourer     Dublin
Luke Toole          28     clerk        Donnybrook, Dublin
Patrick Wogan       20     gentleman    Dublin
James Yates         34     gentleman    Newry

A list of passengers from Sligo to New York, sworn 29 March, 1804. Name of ship unknown.

Thos. Armstrong         farmer           Tilton
Peter Brady             labourer         Cloghfin
Ben Caffry              labourer         Loghfin
Jas. Caffuny            labourer         Loghfin
Jno. Carty              labourer         Ardnaston
Robt. Cracy             labourer         Loghfin
Edwd. Crawford          labourer         Loghfin
Edwd. Crawford          labourer         Loghfin
Hugh Crawford           labourer         Barton
Hugh Davis              labourer         Barton
Henry Dowler            clerk            Barton
Jno. Duffy              labourer         Barton
Archd. Elliot           labourer         Moghean
Robt. Elliot            labourer         Moghean
David Ellis             farmer           Tilton
Michl. Farrill          labourer         Tilton
Alex Griffith           farmer           Loghadill
Robt. Griffith          labourer         Loghadill
John Hodman             farmer           Loghadill
Wm. Jeffers             farmer           Loghadill
Jno. Low                labourer         Moghean
Patt McDonogh           labourer         Ardnastran
? McDonogher            labourer         Ardnastran
James McDonogher        labourer         Ardnastran
James McDonogher junr.  labourer         Ardnastran
Jno. McMorrow           labourer         Cloghfin
Andw. McNossen          clerk            Ardnastran
Thos. Pattinson         labourer         Barton
Andw. Taylor            labourer         Tilton
Geo. Taylor             labourer         Loghadill
Wm. Vaugh               clerk            Loghfin
Geo. Young              labourer         Tilton


A list of passengers intending to go by the British Brig ALEXIS of Greenock, to Wilmington, North Carolina, sworn 29 March 1804.

Patrick Fenor       uncertain      labourer   Carrickmacross
James Flanagan      uncertain      labourer   Dundalk
James Gordon        uncertain      farmer     Dundalk
Thos. Gormen        uncertain      labourer   Creggans
Wm. Greyson         uncertain      labourer   Creggans
Hu. McNight         40             farmer     near Belfast
Jas. McNight        54             farmer     near Belfast
Batty McNight       36             farmer     near Belfast
Margt. McNight      uncertain                 near Belfast
John McNight        child                     near Belfast
Batty McNight, Jr.  child                     near Belfast
Eliza McNight       child                     near Belfast
Michael Mackay      uncertain      labourer   Cullaville
Terence Murphy      uncertain      labourer   Carrickmacross
Oliver Plunkett     uncertain      labourer   Creggans
Willm. Vance        uncertain      labourer   Carrickmacross
Hu. Wilson          uncertain      farmer     Dundalk

"Charles and Harriot"

List of passengers to New York on the CHARLES and HARRIOT, sworn at Sligo, 29 March 1804.

Martin Carney        Labourer         Mogherow
Peter Carroll        labourer         Mogherow
Edwd. Chambers       labourer         Leitrim
Wm. Chambers         labourer         Leitrim
Bryan Collen         labourer         Brenduff
Wm. Curry            labourer         Conought
Michl. Dunn          labourer         Mulloghmore
John Elliot          labourer         Mulloghmore
Payton Farrell       labourer         Boyle
John Flynn           labourer         Drumcliff
Patt Fox             labourer         Boyle
Roger Gill           labourer         Co. Fermanagh
Michael Golden       labourer         Drumcliff
Con. Hart            labourer         Co. Fermanagh    
Alexr. Martin        labourer         Sligo
Peter McGarry        labourer         Colooney
Fras. McGowan        clerk            Mogherow
Mark McGowan         labourer         Carney
Thos. McGowan        labourer         Carney
Thos. McIntire       clerk            Sligo
Bryan McManus        labourer         Co. Fermanagh
James McMorrow       labourer         Sligo
Wm. Moreton          labourer         Co. Fermanagh
Robert Muns          labourer         Drumclief
Hugh Murray          clerk            Sligo
Edwd. O'Hara         labourer         Co. Sligo
James O'Hara         labourer         Co. SLigo
Michl. O'Hara        labourer         Co. Sligo
Philip Rogers        labourer         Sligo
Alexr. Rutledge      labourer         Tyrecagh


List of passengers to go on board the American ship MARIA, of Wilmington, bound for Philadelphia, sworn at Londonderry, 30 March 1804.

Heny. Anderson           46        labourer
John Anderson            28        labourer
Margt. Anderson          36        spinster
Saml. Anderson           46        labourer
Wm. Anderson             53        labourer
Jos. Arskine             56        labourer
Saml. Bellman            33        labourer
John Bellman             35        labourer
James Dougherty          33        labourer
James Dogherty           51        labourer
Wm. Edmond               41        labourer
Nancy Fulton             31        spinster
Robert Fulton            43        labourer
Humphry Graham           50        labourer
Thos. Graham             36        labourer
Mary Ann Hammond         27        spinster
Wm. Harkin               25        labourer
Patt Karlin              42        labourer
Robert Leonard           21        labourer
Barny McCanna            43        labourer
John McConway            28        labourer
Mary McConway            26        spinster
Mary McGomery            17        spinster
Nancy Mckeever           45        spinster
Jas. McKinley            23        labourer
Saml. McKinley           33        labourer
Robert Miller            26        labourer
Arthur Murphy            49        labourer
Sarah Murphy             21        spinster
Margt. Pearson           52        spinster
Henry Rankin             17        labourer
John Rice                38        labourer
Frans. Scott             47        labourer
Hugh Smith               44        labourer
Ann Walker               24        spinster
Jas. Waker               40        labourer


A list of passengers from Londonderry to New York, on the ship AMERICAN, sworn at Londonderry, 31 March 1804.

James Bond           18        clerk         Londonderry
Thomas Bradley       20        farmer        Ballyarlin
James Buchannon      35        labourer      Cain
John Clyde           13        servant       Rushbank
Geo. Crawford        19        farmer        Coningham
Alex. Donaghy        24        farmer        Moneymore
John Donaghy         19        farmer        Moneymore
John Donaghy         41        labourer      Ennishowin
Sarah Donaghy        39                      Moneymore
William Donaghy      48        farmer        Moneymore
Alex Dougherty       35        labourer      Magilligan
Elenor Dougherty     38                      Nn. Limavady
James Dougherty      29        tanner        Moneymore
James Dougherty      39        labourer      Nn. Limavady
John Dougherty       20        farmer        Rushbank
Robert Johnston      20        farmer        Nn. Cumber
Alexr. McDonald      19        labourer      Moneymore
Mary McGlenhy        32                      Cumber
Owen McGlenhy        34        labourer      Cumber
Thomas McGomeray     19        clerk         Londonderry
Patk. Mckay          40        farmer        Moghera
Alexr. McKay         21        farmer        Moghera
Nancy McKay          40                      Moghera
William McLaughlin   50        farmer        Cain
Alexr. McLoughlin    25        farmer        Cain
John McLoughlin      28        farmer        Cain
Mary McLoughlin      48        farmer        Cain
WIlliam Miller       28        servant       Nn. Limavady
James Patterson      25        farmer        Desartmarten
Alexr. Ramsay        23        labourer      Moneymore
Hugh Ramsay          29        labourer      Moneymore
Thos. Ramsey         21        farmer        Ballyauret
Captain Sterling     25        mariner       New York
Gerard Twine         23        farmer        Nn. Stewart


List of passengers to Philadelphia on board the BROTHERS of Philadelphia, sworn at Londonderry, 14 April 1804.

Jas. Boyd           26     farmer       Pettigo, Fermanagh
Jas. Boyle          40     labourer     Ballyshannon, Donegal
Wm. Doherty         23     labourer     Innishannon, Donegal
Mary Doherty        26     spinster     Innishannon, Donegal
Jas. Doherty        28     farmer       Donegal
John Doherty        30     labourer     Innishannon, Donegal
Jas. Dunn           24     farmer       Donegal
Mary Dunn           19     spinster     Donegal
Mary Flanigan       28     spinster     Ballyshannon, Donegal
Chas. Flanigan      34     labourer     Ballyshannon, Donegal
Jno. Flanigan        6     child        Ballyshannon, Donegal
Patk. Hearney       12     child        Dungiven, Derry
John Hearney        10     child        Dungiven, Derry
Ann Hearney         35     spinster     Dungiven, Derry
Biddy Hearney        7     child        Dungiven, Derry
Nanny Hearney        4     child        Dungiven, Derry
Jos. Hibran         22     labourer     Castlefin, Donegal
J. Hibran           30     labourer     Castlefin, Donegal
Jane Himton         35     spinster     Castelfin, Donegal
Chas. Kelly         21     labourer     Drunmore, Tyrone
Hu. Kelly           30     labourer     Ballyshannon, Donegal 
Hugh Kelly          22     labourer     Drunmore, Tyrone
Pat McLoughlin      32     labourer     Innishannon, Donegal
R. McLoughlin       24     labourer     Innishannon, Donegal
Margaret Osburn     27     Spinster     Omagh, Tyrone
Jas. Osburne         4     child        Omagh, Tyrone
Margt. Osburne      27     spinster     Omagh, Tyrone
Jane Osburne         6     child        Omagh, Tyrone
Jas. Porter         35     farmer       Donegal
Ann Robinson        22     spinster     Innishannon, Donegal
Wm. Robinson        32     labourer     Coleraine, Derry
Thom Thompson       23     farmer       Castlefin, Donegal
Jas. Wishart        51     labourer     Dungannon, Tyrone
Margt. Wishart      21     spinster     Pettigo, Fermanagh
Noble Young         22     farmer       Pethgow, Fermanagh
Jas. Young          21     labourer     Pethgow, Fermanagh
Sarah Young         50     spinster     Pethgow, Fermanagh


A list of passengers in the American ship JANE of New Bedford for New York, sworn at Dublin, 17 April 1804.

Thomas Bahan           26     clerk     single    Bride Street
Catherine Corish       32               married   James Street
Miss Corish             8                         James Street
Patrick Cormack        17     farmer    single    Callan,Kilkenny
William Carty          17     farmer    married   Barton
Edward Dartnell        27     clerk     single    Britan Street
Denis Finning          25
Thomas Mahir           24     farmer    married   Callan,Kilkenny
Mary Mahir             22     wife      married   Callan,Kilkenny
  plus infant child
John Mullahy           22     farmer    single    Callan,Kilkenny
George Nalleran        34     clerk               Britan Street
Jane Nalleran          26     wife                Britan Street
James Normidge         26     surgeon             Britan Street
Mary Normidge          19     wife                Britan Street
John Rossiter          22     farmer    single    Wexford
John Shilly            35     farmer    single    Callan,Kilkenny
Micahel Smith          24     farmer    single    Clighen, Cavan
Alice White            50               single    Callan,Kilkenny
May White              20               single    Callan,Kilkenny
Catherine White        22               single    Callan,Kilkenny
Eleanor White          18               single    Callan,Kilkenny
Margt. Cormick         20               single    Callan,Kilkenny


A list of passengers on the American Ship the PRESIDENT of New Bedford from Newry for New Castle in America, sworn 21 April 1804.

Edward Lynch         22?    labourer    Armagh
Robt. Frances        30     farmer      Cavan
Jane Frances         28                 Cavan
Mary Frances          2                 Cavan
Margt. Farley        20                 Cavan
Wm. Gilmore          50     labourer    Cavan
Jane Gilmore         50                 Cavan
Frances Gilmore      21                 Cavan
James Gilmore        19     labourer    Cavan
Rose Gilmore         17                 Cavan
???? Gilmore         16                 Cavan
Bartley Hart         17                 Cavan
Andw. McQuillan      40     farmer      Cavan
Margt. McMullen      41                 Cavan
John McMullen        20     farmer      Cavan
Saml. McMullen       13                 Cavan
Wm. Wright           40     labourer    Cavan
David Ferguson       54     labourer    Armagh
Robt. Ferguson       25     farmer      Down
Wm. Ferguson         21     farmer      Down
Hugh Ferguson        19     farmer      Down
Jas. Ferguson        16     farmer      Down
Eliza Ferguson       14                 Down
Jas. McBride         37     farmer      Down
Wm. McBride          22     farmer      Down
Sarah McBride        10     farmer      Down
Jas. Lard            30     farmer      Armagh
Margt. Lard          31                 Armagh
Jane Lard             8                 Armagh
Sarah Lard            2                 Armagh
Jas. Murphy          36     farmer      Armagh
Mary Murphy          30                 Armagh
James Murphy          5                 Armagh


A list of passengers for Philadelphia on the American ship COMMERCE, sworn 28 April, 1804.

Hugh Jelly           35     labourer    Loughinisland, Down
Hugh Thomson         36     labourer    Kilmore, Down
Joseph Lindsey       33     labourer    Sea Patrick, Down
James Beck           30     farmer      Ashegarg, Down
John Beck            25     farmer      Ashegarg, Down
Margt. Beck          24     spinster    Ashegarg, Down
Thomas Kilpatrick    37     farmer      Kellead, Antrim
Patt Cunningham      30     farmer      Loughinisland, Down
Sarah Mitchell       25     spinster    Loughinisland, Down
Wm. McGowan          35     farmer      Dunmurray, Antrim
John Gordon          36     farmer      Keddy, Antrim
Willm. Dinwiddle     40     farmer      Dunaghy, Antrim
Geo. Logan           30     labourer    Killinchy, Down
Geo. Logan           25     labourer    Killinchy, Down
Robt. McCaughty      25     farmer      Cammoney, Antrim
Jane McCaughty       20     spinster    Cammoney, Antrim
Isaac Dickey         20     farmer      Magheragill, Down
Anne Stewart         18     spinster    Belfast, Antrim
Thos. Stevenson      21     farmer      Dunaghy, Antrim
John DOuglass        38     farmer      Seaford, Down
Mary Douglass        38     spinster    Seaford, Down
Agniss McAfee        20     spinster    Belfast, Antrim
Geo. Martin          35     farmer      Blaris, Down
John Shery           34     farmer      Blaris, Down
Patrick McCarroll    26     farmer      Augher, Tyrone
John Duross          21     farmer      Dublin
Francis O'Neill      27     labourer    Dublin
Emelia O'Neill       22     spinster    Dublin
Richd. Courtney      25     farmer      Clough, Dublin
Margt. Courtney      24     spinster    Clough, Dublin
Mathew Bailie        48     farmer      Clough, Dublin
Eliza Bailie         46     spinster    Clough, Dublin
Stewart Bailie       20     farmer      Clough, Dublin
Matty Bailie         18     spinster    Clough, Dublin
William Ferris       25     farmer      Ballymena, Antrim
Ann Ferris (wife)    32                 Ballymena, Antrim


Passengers engaged to sail on board the Brig GEORGE of New Bedford, Jacob Taber master, for New York, sworn at Dublin, 29 August 1803.

John O'Brien         28     clerk       Dublin
Michl. Bannon        23     farmer      Mayo
John Lyons           30     farmer      Tullamore
Mark Evans           30     farmer      Queens County
Ann Evans (wife)                        Queens County
James Hennesay       25     labourer    Dublin
Patrick Doyle        20     farmer      Mayo
Bernard Fitzpatrick  36     farmer      Tullamore
  His wife and child                    Tullamore
Heny. O'Hara         23     farmer      Clare
Peter Roe            30     merchant    Ross
Shephard French      45     merchant    Carrick-on-Suir
Mats. Joyce          18     clerk       Dublin

Passengers on the Brig GEORGE of New Bedford, bound for New York, in addition to the list before the Privy Council, sworn at Dublin, 29 August 1803, Jacob Taber, master.

Peter Roe            30     merchant    Ross
Stephen French       45     merchant    Carrick-on-Suir
Hugh Madden          30     clerk       Dublin
Mats. Joyce          18     clerk       Dublin


A list of passengers in the American ship DILIGENCE of New Bedford for New York, sworn at Dublin, 30 April 1804.

Richard Despard     25   married   merchant   New York
Mary Despard        28   wife
James McAnnally     47   married
Thomas Taylor       25   single    farmer     Ballywater, Wexford
William Berford     19   single    farmer     Ballywater, Wexford
Thomas Brice        24   married   labourer   Dublin
Hanora Brice        17   wife                 Dublin
Mary Doland         26   single    servant to Mrs Despard   Mountrath
Geo. Reynolds       50   married   farmer     St. Margaret, Dublin
Mary Reynolds       40   wife
Johnathon son        8
Thomas son           7
Eliza (daughter)     5
William Davison     28   married   farmer     Laiterbeag, Cavan
Mary his wife       28                        Laiterbeag, Cavan
William (son)        5
Edward  (son)        4
Easter Brown        20   single    servant to Mrs Davison
Betsy McMullin      60   widow                Caverhalman, Cavan
Jane her daughter   28   single               Caverhalman, Cavan
Fany McMullin       18   single               Caverhalman, Cavan
Henry Shields       30   married   farmer     Kings Court, Cavan
Ann his wife        29   married              Kings Court, Cavan
James Higgins       27   single    farmer     Caverhalman   
John Brady          27   single    farmer     Caverhalman   
John McMullin       50   married   farmer     Pattle, Cavan
Mary his wife       50
Jonathon their son  20   single               Pattle, Cavan
William their son   18   single               Pattle, Cavan
Thomas their son    16   single               Pattle, Cavan
Andrew their son    13                        Pattle, Cavan
Easter (daughter)    9                        Pattle, Cavan
Alexandrew McMullin 22   married   farmer     Pattle, Cavan
Barbara his wife    22                        Pattle, Cavan
Patrick Redmond     47   married   farmer     Baley, Wexford
Bridget his wife    35                        Baley, Wexford
Jonathon their son  12                        Baley, Wexford
Nicholas their son  10                        Baley, Wexford
Eliz. (daughter)     7                        Baley, Wexford
Bridget (daughter)   5                        Baley, Wexford


List of passengers of the American ship MARY of New Bedford to Philadelphia, sworn at Dublin, 17 April 1804.

Richard Fell        50   merchant  married    Philadelphia
Patrick Kenney      39   clergyman single     Lusk, Dublin
James R. Bainbridge 20   clerk     single     Bride St.
Lawrence Cafsidy    25   clerk     single     Coombe
Oliver W. Stone     22   clerk     single     Largan, Armagh
Elizabeth Hudson    22             single     Grafton St.
Ann Mullhollan      17             single     Ballycumber, Kings Co.
Miss Gordon         17             single     Philadelphia
William Coogan      40   farmer    married    Pennsylvania
James Fagan         30   farmer    single     Mountrath, Queens Co
James McCarty       25   farmer    single     Wexford
Henry Byrne         30   farmer    single     Wexford
Owen Garter         26   farmer    single     Mountrath
William Power       28   farmer    single     Fitthind, Tipperary
Mathew Daily        25   farmer    single     Kilkullen, Kildare
Thomas Daily        23   farmer    single     Kilkullen, Kildare
Edward Gumen        35   farmer    single     Ruihale, Queens Co.
Mathew Boyn         30   labourer  single     Kildare
Catherine Daily     22             single     Kilkullen
William Gathan      10   child                Dublin
Mary Fagan          25             married    Mountrath
Robert Dickinson    30   farmer    married    Wickton
Rose Dickinson      25             wife       Wickton
Patrick Kogan       30   farmer    single     Barris in Opary
Anthony Hagdon      25             single     Barris in Opary
Ann Field Porter    20             single     Barris in Opary

Source: Handbook on Irish Genealogy