Irish Passenger Lists


List of Passengers on Ship TORONTO from London to New York, 31 July, 1845.

Tim McCarty
William Moore
John Whaling


List of Passengers on Ship WARSAW from Glasgow to New York, 1 August, 1845.

George Ballantine
Ruth Caldwell
Peter Diven
Joseph Donnelly
James Dortherky
Nancy Dortherky
Jane Dortherky
Elizabeth Grogan
John Hamilton

"Stephen Whitney"

List of Passengers on Ship STEPHEN WHITNEY from Liverpool to New York, 1 August, 1845.

James Allen
Elizabeth Allen
William Allen
Mary Beaty
Mary Brady
James Campbell
Rebecca Church
Philip Conlin
Michael Crawford
Thomas Develin
Eliza Dudley
Edward Evans
Susan Falkner
John Fullerton
Ellen Fullerton
Agnes Gilmore
Sarah Gilmore
Mary Gleeson
Hugh Hays
Mary McBride
John McBride
John McLaughlin
Alexander McMullin
Margaret McMullin
Elisha McMullin
Mary McMullin
Daniel McMullin
Alexander McMullin
Sally McQuade
John Murphy
Mary Murphy
Margaret O'Connor
Mary Quinlan
Margaret Rourke
Mary Shaw
James Whiteford
Catherine Wilson
Isabella Wilson


Passengers on Ship CLYDE from Liverpool to New York, 2 August, 1845.

James Cassidy
Timothy Daly
Anne Daly
Patrick Daly
Catherine Hatchett
Mary Hunt
James Keady
Maria Keady
Margaret Keeffe
James Kelly
William Kelly
Francis McNulty
Michael Rochford
Thomas Rourke
Patrick Smith
Andrew Smith
William Smith
Mary Smith
Jane Smith
Francis Smith
Mary Walker
Pat Walker
Ann Walker
Eliza Walker
Michael Walker

"St. George"

Passengers on Ship St. George from Liverpool to New York, 14 September, 1845.

George Abrahm
William Barrington
Margaret Barrington
William Black
John Boylan
Thomas Clancy
Mary Clancy
Mary E. Divine
Catherine Dougherty
Sally Dougherty
Eliza Drennan
John Drennan
William Drennan
Sarah Drennan
Isabella Gascoyne
James Hare
John Mallon
Ellenor Martin
Fredrick McGee
Thomas McManus
John McNally
Ann McNally
Biddy McNally
Mary McNally
Margaret McNally
Eliza McNally
Ann McNally
Patrick McNally
Daniel McNally
Hugh McNally
Arthur O'Neil
Margaret Patterson
John Russell
Michael Russell
Marsella Russell
Francis Shaw
Mary Shaw
Ellen Wall
Samuel Wallace
Eliza Wallace
Jane Young
Susan Young


Passengers on Ship OHIO from Liverpool to New York, 29 September, 1845.

Rose Beaty
Mary Brown
Mary Donavan
Rose Galloway
Bridget Gibney
Bridget Hacket
Margrate Hacket
Patrick Hacket
Edmond Hacket
Susan Hacket
John Hacket
Thomas Hughes
Patrick Hughes
John Hughes
Mary Hurst
Ann Kinney
Sarah Linch
Bridget Mathews
Anne Mathews
Elizabeth Mathews
Elizabeth McCan
Ellen McCan
Joseph McCoy
John McCoy
Fanny McCoy
Joseph McCoy
Catherine Mulany
Francis Pollard
John Richie
Margrate Richie
Andrew Sanderson
Catherine Sullivan


List of Passengers on Ship SHARON from Liverpool to New York, 4 October, 1845.

Ann Brena
Mary Cochrane
Catherine Corr
Susannah FitsSimmon
Jane McClusky
Susan McClusky
John McNight
Helena Nagle
Mary Charlot Nagle
Catherine O'Hara
Alexander Robinson
Richard Tyler
Ann Weeks
Thomas Woods

"New York"

List of Passengers on Ship NEW YORK from Liverpool to New York, 3 November, 1845.

John Boyle
Bridget Carr
Honora Clifford
Mr. Corcoran
Mrs. Corcoran
Mary Corcoran
Ann Corcoran
George Dickse ?
Jane Dickse
Peter Ennis
Ann Fitzpatrick
Bridget Gaynor
Judy Gaynor
John Henry
Thomas Manning
William Maxwell
Charles McKeon
Mary Mead
Mary Mulligan
Mary Patterson
Owen Philben
Mary A. Reynolds
Mary Shanley
Ann Shanlay
Mary Sweeny

"St. Patrick"

Passengers on Ship ST. PATRICK from Liverpool to New York, 3 December, 1845.

William Byrne
Edward Byrne
Bridget Carlin
Christopher Delany
Rachel Delany
Mary A. Fitzpatrick
Mary Freel
Sarah Freel
Catherine Kelly
Mathew Kirby
Ellen Kirby
Bridget Kirby
John Kirby
Christopher Lawless
Bridget Lawless
Mary Lawless
Patrick Lawless
Martha Lewis
Thomas McCarty
Margaret McCarty
Julia McCarty
Mary McCarty
Margaret McCarty
Mary McDermott
James McMahon
Ann Reilly
Mary Reilly
John Richardson
Elizabeth Richardson (Mrs.)
John Riggs
Mrs. Riggs

"Stephen Whitney"

List of Passengers on Ship STEPHEN WHITNEY from Liverpool to New York, 6 April, 1846.

Rose Boylan
Mary Connor
Thomas Donohe
Anne Doyle
Thomas Finnan
Margaret Good
Catherine Hannigan
Anne Harrison
Mary Leary
James Mahon
Ann Mahon
John Mahon
Joseph Mahon
James Mahon
Margaret Mahon
Madge Mahon
Catherine Magan
Mary Malone
Mary Murray
Patrick Reynolds
Margaret Shanky
Thomas Shanky
Anne Sheridan
Rose Smith


Passengers on Ship JUNIUS from Liverpool to New York, 1 May 1846.

William Butler
Jeremiah Casey
Ann Casey
Catherine Casey
Mary Casey
Biddy Casey
Michael Connor
Lawrence Coopey
James Doyle
Dennis Farrell
Patt Farrell
Margaret Farrell
Patt Farrell
Mary Hanlon
Mary Hanlon
Dorothy Kelly
Dennis Lyons
Marcilla Lyons
Walter Madden
Mary Madden
Richard Madden
Alice Madden
Christopher McCormack
Ann McCormack
Christian McCormack
Helen McCormack
Margaret McCormack
Ann McCormick
Mary McMahon
John Mourne
Sally Noble
William Ryan
Dennis Sullivan
Dennis Sullivan
Jeremiah Sullivan
Florence Sullivan
John Walsh
Johanna Walsh
Mary Walsh
Patt Walsh
William White


List of Passengers on Ship ALHAMBRA from Dublin to New York, 1 June, 1846.

John Brenan
Bridget Carey
Cathrine Conway
Patt Costigan
Julia Cuff
Mary Donelly
Michael Dunne
Thomas Fallon
Bridget Farrelly
Patt Flanagan
Bridget Flanagan
Bridget Hely
James Lawless
Sarah Leonard
Hugh Leonard
Ann Lynch
Catherine Lyons
Bridget Madden
Thomas Madden
John Madden
Julia Madden
Ellen Madden
Mary Madden
Susan Madden
Michael Madden
Patt McCaffry
Michael McDonal
James McLaughlin
Mary McLaughlin
Patt McLaughlin
Miles McNulty
Julia O'Neal
Bridget Quinn
Richard Scot
Mary Treacy
Malachy Treacy
Michael Whelan

"Akin Alexander"

List of Passengers on board the Ship AKIN ALEXANDER, Captain Howland, from Londonderry to New York, 14th. September, 1811.

Alex. Armstrong
Arm. Armstrong
William Buchanan
Jane Campbell
William Crow
Jane Crow
Margt. Crow
James Eskins
Margt. Eskins
Margt. Eskins Jnr.
Sarah Eskins
Margt. Farland
John Grey
John Jackson
John Johnston
P. Kirk
John McFarland plus Wife and Family
Rebecca McMahin
Mathew Orr
William Orr
John Vale
Margt Vale
George Wason
Margt. Wason
H. Welch

plus 14 children


Passengers per the ALGERNON, Clark, Master, from Belfast to New York, 18th. May, 1811.

James Amberson          Halls Mill
Eliza Armstron          Down
Wm. Armstron            Down
Alex. Beally            Hillsborough              and Family
John Bonnell            Queen's Co
Samuel Burns            Halls Mills
A. Carlton              Hillsborough
Wm. Cobors              W. Arlin                  and Family
Ann Coin                Belfast                   and Child
Wm. Copeland            Down
Mary Curry              Hillsborough
Edw. Dail               Rathfreland               and Family
James Deek              Ballynahinch
James Gamble            Ballynahinch
Samuel Gelison          Down
Sally Green             Lurgan
John Gurley             Down                      and Family
Robert Hall             Belfast                   and Family
John Hammilton          Hillsborough
Mary Hammilton          Hillsborough
Robert Hasby            Maze
Rich Hinds              Drumore                   and Family
James Kennedy           Halls Mill
Rachael Kennedy         Banford
Robt. Kennedy           Banford
John Lamb               Maze
Robt Lowry              Charlemont                and Family
Isabella Maguinis       Down
John Maguinis           Down
James Marharg           Down
Joseph Mark             Drumore
James McConnell         Hill Hall
Sarah McConnell         Hill Hall
Hamilton McCullough     Tyrone
Henry McCurry           Hillsborough
Sarah McMahon           Drumore
James Morrison          Armagh                    and Family
John Morrison           Magheragel
John Morrow             Banford
John Neilson            Down                      and Family
George Nixon            Kill Warlin
Mary Nixon              Kill Warlin
John Orr                Hill Halls                and Family
Wm. Orr                 Hill Halls                and Family
Ed. Pepper              Moyallon                  and Family
John Smith              Ballynahinch
Susan Smith             Ballynahinch
Mary Stinson            Moyallon                  and Family
James Tate              Maze
Ellen Tetterton         Banford
Robt. Tetterton         Banford
George Thompson         Belfast
Ester Wall              Banbridge
John Wall               Banbridge                 and Family

Of these Passengers, there are:

  2 between 5 and 10 years old
 16    "   10 and 20 inclusive
 43    "   20 and 30     "
 12    "   30 and 40     "
  3    "   50 and 60     "
  1 of 70
  1 of 72

 79, chiefly farmers, and some with considerable property in guineas.

Note: the arithmetic is as transcribed!

"Harvey Hide"

List of Passengers per the HARVEY HIDE from Belfast. ( from the "Shamrock" or "Hibernian Chronicle", published in New York - this issue 12th. January, 1811)

George Anderson         Newtonards, Down
Jennet Anderson         Newtonards, Down
Samuel Anderson         Newtonards, Down
T. Anderson             Newtonards, Down
John Aslein             Belfast, Antrim
James Auld              Grange, Antrim
Mary Auld               Grange, Antrim
David Bell              Lochgall, Armagh
Francis Brown           Kelbroghts, Antrim
John Brown              Lochgall, Antrim
Alley Coal              Drumboa, Down
James Coal              Drumboa, Down
Peter Coil              Daryluren, Tyrone      
Rosa Coil               Daryluren, Tyrone      
Sarah Coil              Daryluren, Tyrone      
William Coil            Daryluren, Tyrone      
Mrs. W. Compbell        Blaris, Down,        
Elizh. Couples          Aughderg, Down      
James Couples           Aughderg, Down      
John Davidson           Lochgall, Armagh      
William Davis           Hillsboro, Down      
William Davis           Blairis, Down      
Leonard Dobblin         Killeman, Down      
Martha Frances            
Wm. Frances             Drumall, Antrim      
Robert Grendle          Kellmore, Armagh      
Sarah Grendle           Kellmore, Armagh      
John Harrison           Aughardy, Down      
Mary Harrison           Aughardy, Down      
Mrs. R. Harvey          Blairis, Down,        
Robert Harvey           Blairis, Down      
Ann Jenkinson           Lochgall, Armagh      
Elizh. Jenkinson        Lochgall, Armagh,        
Isaac Jenkinson         Lochgall, Armagh      
Isaac Jenkinson         Lochgall, Armagh,        
James Jenkinson         Lochgall, Armagh      
Mrs. Jenkinson          Lochgall, Armagh      
Mrs. J. Kennedy         Douaghmore, Tyrone      
William Law             Kalmchie, Down      
Mary Lictson            Larne, Antrim      
Thomas Lictson          Larne, Antrim      
Eliza. Liston           Kellmore, Armagh      
John Liston             Kellmore, Armagh      
James McCance           Newtonards, Down      
Alex. McKenzie          Lochgall, Armagh
Louisa McKenzie         Newtonards, Down
Philip McKenzie         Lochgall, Armagh
Ralph McKenzie          Lochgall, Armagh
John McLanna            Daryluren, Tyrone
Alex. McMurray          Kelmore, Armagh
Hannah McMurray         Kelmore, Armagh
Mrs. William Miller     Ahahill, Antrim
J. Montgomery           Counmoney, Antrim
James Moore             Donaghmore, Tyrone
H. Mubrea               Newtonards, Down
William Simpson         Lochgall, Armagh
Mrs. John Speirs        Donegoare, Antrim
James Spiers            Donegoare, Antrim
John Welsh              Newtonards, Down
Louisa Welsh            Newtonards, Down


Passengers per the JUPITER, William Hutchins, Master, from Belfast to New York, 1st. June, 1811.

Cath. Anderson          Banbridge
Wm. Anderson            Banbridge
George Best             Banbridge
Seragh Best             Banbridge
John Boyd               Down
Joseph Camble           Dungannon
Wm. Chaley              Antrim
John Clark              Lurgan
Samuel Cleland          Dunleery
Bernard Conaghy         Banbridge
Henry Cook              Armagh
Arthur Deolin           Cullsallag
Daniel Deolin           Banbridge
Joanna Dixon            Dungannon
Thomas Dixon            Dungannon
David Evart             Cullsallag
John Ewart              Moreyrea
Ann Fair                Saintclaire
James Fair              Saintclaire
Thomas Fair             Saintclaire
Eliz Gallery            Moreyrea
James Gallery           Moreyrea
Samuel Gamble           Ballinahinch
James Gelston           Cumber
Andrew George           Killead
Martha George           Killead
Wm. George              Killead
John Glass              Grable
Conway Hamilton         Molany
Elizh Hamilton          Molany
Margt. Hamilton         Molany
Jane Harrison           Cairn
Thomas Harrison         Cairn
Wm. Harshaw             Down
Agnes Jamison           Killinchie
Samuel Jamison          Killinchie
David Johnson           Antrim
Elinor Johnson          Antrim
Elizabeth Johnson       Hillsborough
Elizh. Johnson          Antrim
Hugh Johnson            Hillsborough
John Johnson            Antrim
Elizh. Kearns           Aghadie
James Kearns            Aghadie
Hugh McAlpin            Molany
James McAlpin           Molany
Jane McAlpin            Molany
Betty McAtter           Blares
Mark McAtter            Blares
Ann McAttur             Killead
James McAttur           Killead
Charles McCarton        Ballinahinch
John McCoskery          Down
Alex. McDowl            Llandery
Eliz. McDowl            Saintclaire
Ezibella McDowl         Llandery
Mary Ann McDowl         Saintclaire
Rachael McDowl          Saintclaire
Thomas McDowl           Saintclaire
Jane McKee              Magradill
John McKee              Ballinahinch
John McKee              Magradill
Jane McKelery           Moreyrea
Wm. McKelery            Moreyrea
Thomas McKey            Dunleery
Agnes McMagan           Banbridge
David McMagan           Banbridge
Sarash McMagan          Banbridge
Eliza. McMullen         Tyrone
James McMullen          Tyrone
Robert McMullen         Tyrone
Agnes Mention           Blares
Alexander Mention       Blares
John Mitchon            Killead
Matthew Murdough        Moira
Robert Patrick          Belfast
Edward Patton           Grable
Hugh Perry              Cullsallag
Margt. Perry            Cullsallag
Eliza. Phillips         Glenary
Thomas Phillips         Glenary
Wm Reid                 Cumber
David Rhea              Killead
Seragh Rhea             Killead
Elinor Stephans         Cumber
Thomas Stephans         Cumber
John Stephanson         Armagh
Samuel Stephenson       Killead
Patrick Sweeney         Ballinahinch
Prudence Sweeney        Ballinahinch
Wm. Sweeney             Ballinahinch
James Turkenton         Dungannon
Jane Turkenton          Dungannon
John Turkenton          Dungannon

"Live Oak"

A List of Passengers intended to be taken on board the Ship LIVE OAK of Scarboro, Christopher Dyer, Master, burden 400 tons, bound to New York in America, sworn at Londonderry, 23rd. June, 1804.

Ostin Allen             19     Farmer           Cookstown
David Anderson          20     Labourer         Gortin 
William Blair           20     Farmer           N. Limavady
Benjamin Crooks         11     Farmer           Cookstown
James Crooks            60     Farmer           Cookstown
James Crooks             6     Child            Cookstown
James Crooks            12     Farmer           Cookstown
Jane Crooks             50     Married          Cookstown
John Crooks             16     Farmer           Cookstown
Margt. Crooks           18     Spinster         Cookstown
Mary Crooks             20     Spinster         Cookstown
Saml. Crooks            17     Farmer           Cookstown
Sarah Crooks            14     Spinster         Cookstown
William Davidson        20     Labourer         Nughadown, Derry
Wm. Dick                30     Labourer         Kilane Ceepeyt Nr Ballymena
Sarah Dougal            20     Servant Girl     Cookstown
John Gallagher          22     Labourer         Furmeny, Omagh
Patrick Gallagher       21     Labourer         Furmeny, Omagh
Samuel Gault            30     Labourer         Kilane, Ballymena
Anna Greer               7     Spinster         Cookstown
Hannah Greer            12     Spinster         Cookstown
Joseph Greer             4                      Cookstown
Mary Greer              15     Spinster         Cookstown
Sarah Greer             20     Spinster         Cookstown
Susan Greer             40     Married          Cookstown
Susan Greer             15     Spinster         Cookstown
John Hannah             20     Labourer         Newtown Stewart
William Hannah          22     Labourer         Armagh
Jo. Hunter              45     Farmer           Gortmurry
Alex. Irvine            21     Labourer         Gortin, N. Stewart
John Mccue              20     Labourer         Ternamenter, Tyrone
Alexr. Mckeever         21     Labourer         Gortin, N. Stewart
Alexr. Mckeon           20     Labourer         Lisabany
Ann Mckeon              24     Spinster         Lisabany
William Mckeon          23     Farmer           Lisabany
Mark Mcquillan          21     Farmer           Nughnacloy
Ann Mcquin              17     Spinster         Cookstown
John Mcquin             15     Labourer         Cookstown
John Murdock            20     Farmer           Glass Lough Monaghan
Jane Patrick            18     Spinster         Newtown Stewart
Nancy Patrick            4 Mo                   Newtown Stewart
William Patrick         19     Farmer           Newtown Stewart
William Pedin           22     Labourer         Nughadown, Derry
Alex. Reed              28     Farmer           Castledaunt nr N Stewart
Samuel Reed             30     Farmer           Castledaunt nr N Stewart
Stewart Reed            28     Farmer           Castledaunt nr N Stewart
William Reed            23     Farmer           Castledaunt nr N Stewart
Elizh. Russell          22     Married          Dunnamany
Isabella Russell         5 Mo                   Dunnamany
James Russell           22     Labourer         Dunnamany
Ellen Sands              1     Child            Cranah, Moneymore
James Sands             26     Labourer         Cranah, Moneymore
John Sands               5     Child            Cranah, Moneymore
Mary Sands              26     Married          Cranah, Moneymore
Mary Sands              22     Spinster         Cranah, Moneymore
Robert Sands             7     Child            Cranah, Moneymore
Samuel Steel            16     Farmer           Newtown Stewart
James Walker            54     Labourer         Dromagalagh
Alice Webb               8                      Cookstown
Jane Webb                5                      Cookstown
Janet Webb              44     Married          Cookstown
John Webb               50     Farmer           Cookstown
John Webb               19     Farmer           Cookstown
Maria Webb              10     Spinster         Cookstown
Susan Webb              16     Spinster         Cookstown
Thomas Webb             15     Farmer           Cookstown
Henry Wilson            24     Farmer           Dungannon
Jane Wilson             20                      Dungannon
Mary Wilson              2 mo                   Dungannon

Source: Handbook on Irish Genealogy