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These are Passenger Lists for emigrants, mainly from the UK and Continental Europe listed in date order and arranged by country of arrival - choose Australia , Canada , South Africa , New Zealand or the United States

Please note that passengers from Ireland to the United States are treated separately. Check out the Irish Ships links. Also check out these Ship Descriptions - no passenger lists, but details on huge number of ships.


    Victorian Public Record Office which has passengers from ships from so-called 'Foreign' ports between 1852 and 1879. Note that this excludes departures from Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Indexes for the latter are being worked on.

    "Parmelia" of Quebec, Captain J H Luscombe, Master, left England in February 1829 and arrived at Swan River, Western Australia, 31st. May, 1829.

    "HMS Sulphur" arrived Swan River, Western Australia, on 6th June 1829, having escorted the "Parmelia".

    "Calista" Samuel Hawkins, Master, sailed from Portsmouth 5th March 1829 and landed Swan River, Western Australia, 5th August 1829 at 1pm, on route to Sydney.

    "Maitland" Master Marshall Baker and Surgeon John Smith, departed Gravesend, England on 24 June 1838, and arrived in Sydney, Australia on 6 November 1838.

    "India" - left Greenock, Scotland on 5 October 1839, arriving in Port Adelaide on 23 Feb 1840 and later in Sydney on 10th May 1840.

    "Grindlay" arrived at Port Philip on 22nd October 1841. Also has passengers who perished on the "India" earlier that year.

    "Lord Delaval" - sailed from Berwick upon Tweed on September 13th 1852 for London and on to Port St. Philip, Victoria.

    "Lizzie Webber" - sailed from Sunderland 31 July 1852; arrived Melbourne 4 December 1852.

    "Emigrant" - sailed from Sunderland 10 September 1852; arrived Melbourne 3 January 1853.

    "Parsee" arrived in Moreton Bay on 11 Jan 1853. Name search from this page.

    "Saldanha" - sailed from Liverpool in the summer of 1856 for Victoria.

    Victoria has a surname search for arrivals from 1852 to 1859.

    "Lammershagen" - left Hamburg on 6 October 1872 and arrived in Morton Bay on 8th Jan 1873.

    In 1910 there were about 30,000 immigrants from the UK, and 700 can be found in this file which covers the ships, Bremen, Cornwall, Miltiades and Commonwealth.


    Between January 1788 and October 1791, three fleets comprising 26 separate vessels sailed from the UK carrying convicts to Australia:-

    All files contain extracts of contemporary newspaper accounts, plus details of the ships.

    There are also separate records of Lincolnshire Prisoners who were convicted and transported between 1787 and 1840.

    The National Archives of Ireland holds a wide range of records relating to transportation of convicts from Ireland to Australia covering the period 1788 to 1868. In some cases these include records of members of convicts' families transported as free settlers. The link is a Search facility


    Canadian Heritage Page which contains a search facility on Ship's Names, Masters, Owners and Builders

    Nova Scotia fishermen and mariners lost at sea - indexed by County.

    Memorials to Fishermen and Mariners in Nova Scotia.

    "Lovely Nellie" - made two sailings carrying emigrants from the Galloway area of Southern Scotland to Prince Edward Island.

    "Murdoch" , Robert Hamilton, Master - 100 Families of German Protestants 25 Jun 1751 to Nova Scotia.

    "Pearl" , Thomas Francis, Master - 2 Jul 1751 from Rotterdam to Nova Scotia.

    "Speedwell" , Joseph Wilson, Master - 59 Families 16 May 1752.

    "Betty" , Robert Wandin, Master - 59 Families 30 May 1752.

    "Sally" - May 30, 1752 from Rotterdam (?) to Nova Scotia.

    "Gale" - June 5, 1752 to Nova Scotia.

    "Duke of York" arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia from Liverpool, England on May 1, 1772.

    "Alexander" - in May of 1772, under Captain John MacDonald, departed Greenock, Scotland bound for Prince Edward Island, carrying 210 passengers.

    "Hector" - left Greenock about July 1, 1773, bound for Pictou.

    "Providence" from Newcastle, England to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1774.

    "Thomas and William" from Yorkshire to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1774.

    The Ship "Albion", 150 tons, sailed from Hull, Yorkshire, England, on March 14, 1774 and arrived in Halifax , Nova Scotia, on May 6, 1774 with 184 passengers, shown as Names A to L and Names M to Z

    "Jane" - from Drimindarach, Scotland on 12th July 1790 to Prince Edward Island, accompanied by the "Lucy"

    "British Queen" - part of the migration of Scots Catholics from Clanranald's Estates, and departed Scotland from Arisaig in August 1790.

    "Dove" - from Scotland to Pictou in 1801.

    "Sarah" - also from Scotland to Pictou in 1801.

    "Commerce" August 10, 1803 Robert Galt, Master, bound to Pictou from Perthshire, town or parish unknown.

    "Oughton" - from scotland to Pictou in 1804.

    "Rambler" from Tobermory, Scotland, to Nova Scotia in 1806.

    "Elizabeth and Ann" to Pictou in 1806.

    "Humphreys" John Young Master, from Tobermory, Scotland, 14 July 1806 to Pictou.

    "Spencer" of Newcastle, Forster Brown Master, from Oban, Scotland, 22nd. September 1806 to Pictou.

    "Isle of Skye" of Aberdeen, John Thom Master, from Tobermory, Scotland, 23d September 1806 to Pictou.

    The Ships List has transcriptions of The Robinson Settlers from Cork to Canada in 1823 and 1825.

    "Zephyr" from Donegal to New Brunswick for various dates in 1833. (Courtesy of Jim McKane)

    "Harpooner" arrived in Esquimalt in June 1849.

    "Torrie" carried labourers for the settlement on Vancouver Island, arrived in Victoria, British Columbia, June 4, 1851.

    Passengers on the "Norman Morison" to British Columbia in 1852 and 1853

    "Princess Royal" arrived in Esquimalt in November, 1854.

    "Frank Flint" from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1862.

    "British Queen" sailed for Nova Scotia from Liverpool, England on April 1st, 1862.

    "SS Delta" to Ontario, arriving May 30, 1873.

    Halifax, Nova Scotia - lists of passengers arriving in 1902 and 1906-1909.

    German Emigrants" to Quebec in 1908 on various ships.

    Crew lists for Wrecks off Sable Island (about 300 Kms East of Halifax) in the August Gales of 1926-27

    Nova Scotia Passenger Lists - part of the Olive Tree pages, and covers mainly passengers from Continental Europe.

New Zealand

The following are Lists for all the passenger ships at the beginning of the Otago Settlement, New Zealand, from March 1848 to January 1851.

Please use this
Home Page link relating to these Lists rather than the links that follow.

    "John Wickliffe" Bartholomew Daly, Commander, sailed from Gravesend on 22nd. November 1847, then from Portsmouth on 14th. December 1847, and arrived at Port Chalmers on 23rd. March 1848.

    "Philip Laing" Captain A J Ellis in command, sailed from Greenock on 23rd. November 1847, then from Milford Haven on 20th. December 1847, and arrived on 15th. April.

    "Victory" Captain W L Mullens, sailed from Gravesend on 5th. March 1848, and arrived at Port Chalmers on 8th. July 1848.

    "Blundell" Captain, Charles Renaut, sailed from Gravesend on 4th. April 1848, arriving at Port Chalmers on 21st. September.

    "Bernicia" Captain Arnold , sailed from London on 7th. July 1848, for New Plymouth, Nelson, Wellington and Otago, where she arrived on 12th. December 1848.

    "Ajax" Captain John Young, sailed from London on 8th. September 1848, arrived at Otago on 8th. January 1849.

    "Mary" Captain Thomas Grant, sailed from London on 2nd. November 1848, and arrved at Port Chalmers via the north, on 4th. April 1849.

    "Mariner" Captain Robert Harland, sailed from London on 8th. February 1849, and arrived at Port Chalmers on 5th. June 1849.

    "Larkins" Captain Bruton, left London on 6th. June 1849 and arrived at Port Chalmers on 11th. September 1849.

    "Cornwall" Captain William Dawson, from London on 20th. April 1849 and arrived in Port Chalmers, via the north, on 23rd. September 1849.

    "Kelso" Captain John Innes, left London on 2nd. July 1849 and arrived at Port Chalmers, via the north, on 20th. November 1849.

    "Pekin" Captain George Whitby, sailed from London on 6th. August 1849, and arrived at Port Chalmers on 5th. December 1849.

    "Mooltan" Captain William Chivas, sailed from Greenock on 11th. September 1847, and arrived at Port Chalmers on 26th. December 1849.

    "Berkshire" Captain John White, left London on 2nd. October 1849.. She ran aground at Nelson on 1st. February 1850. Her forward passengers were carried to Wellington by the Woodstock, and those for Otago, six in number, by the schooner Perserverance, arriving 12th. March 1850.

    "Lady Nugent" Captain John Parsons, left London 7th. December 1849, arrived Port Chalmers 26th. March 1850.

    "Poictiers" Captain Thomas Shrubsole Beal, sailed from London 7th. February 1850 and arrived, via the north, 4th. September 1850.

    "Mariner" Captain Robert Harland, sailed from London on 7th. April 1850, and arrived at Port Chalmers on 6th. August 1850.

    "Eden" sailed from London on 3rd. June 1850, and arrived at Port Chalmers, via the northern ports, on 27th. December 1850.

    "Phoebe Dunbar" Captain Forbes Michie, left London on 4th. July 1850, and arrived at Port Chalmers on 24th. October 1850.

    "Titan" Captain Craik, left London on 7th. September 1850 and arrived at Port Chalmers on 17th. January 1851.

South Africa

    RMS "Saxon" sailing from Southampton, England, to Madeira, Cape Town, Algoa Bay, East London and Natal, on July 29, 1905.

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