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The Anglo Italian Mailing list is hosted by ROOTSWEB and the list administrator is Julie Goucher and the list deputy is Carol of Treetops.

The list is FREE to join and to join the mailing list you must SUBSCRIBE. To be removed from a mailing list you must UNSUBSCRIBE. You may choose to receive messages in one of two ways:

v            MAIL MODE (messages sent to the list come one at a time)

v           DIGEST MODE (a block of messages sent to the list come together as one e-mail)

What the list is about.

The purpose of this mailing list is to provide a forum for those of us who are researching, or about to research their Anglo-Italian ancestry.

List Rules.

v      Remember to be polite to other list members and treat others as you wish to be treated.

v      Please do NOT post details of ANY Commercial enterprises with the consent of List Administrator.

v      Please do NOT post details of Computer Viruses. If you are concerned please contact the List Admin.

v      This is a friendly and informative list.

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