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The data provided in the Index is the Event, such as Obituary, Memorial Service etc, the name and Surname of the deceased and the Name and date of the paper in which the announcement was made. The collection is split alphabetically.


This is provided to give researchers a link to where they may find further information. If you are unable to access the relevant source material, I am happy to provide a copy on receipt of a Stamped Addressed Envelope and two 1st class stamp PER REFERENCE or if you are outside the UK, a self addressed envelope and $2.00 in currency (US, CAN, AUS or NZ)

PER REFERENCE, to cover copying and postage. Please complete the request form



The material was provided because Chris, Hazel and June donated the material to the Index.

My Mum deserves Special thanks for spending many hours typing this collection. Your generosity and assistance is greatly appreciated.



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