Alcuin’s De Rhetorica

This text is taken from Karl Halm (1863), Rhetores Latini Minores, ex codicibus maximam partem primum adhibitis, Leipzig, B. G. Teubner, pp. 523-550. Our text appears as section 16, ‘Disputatio de rhetorica et de virtutibus sapientissimi regis Karli et Albini magistri’, and Halm identifies three Munich manuscripts as providing his subsidia critica: clm 13084 (9th century), clm 14377 (10th century) and clm 6407 (9th century).

In reading or downloading this text, take heed that it contains two small portions of Greek. These are here transcribed for the Word download using Greek characters from the character set extensions to Times New Roman as provided under Windows – they may well appear as garbage in some system configurations. My apologies to readers of Greek if my rendering is inept.

Please note that the text contains two sections numbered ‘44’. This is Halm, not me!

You can download this text (31k *.zip file) by clicking here.

Angus Graham.

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