This is an unassuming page which only brings you the text of Cassiodorus’ Variae, for the simple reason that I wanted an electronically searchable version for my own ends, no-one else had done it, and so I took the time and trouble to scan it in. This site will tell you nothing about Cassiodorus: if you’ve found it, it’s because you’ve looked for it or have been told about it, and so you probably know enough already.

The text is scanned in and post-edited from Theodor Mommsen, Cassiodori Senatoris Variae, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Auctorum Antiquissimorum Tomus XII, Berlin, Weidmann, 1894. I do not include Mommsen’s critical apparatus. If you spot any errors or have any comments, please let me know. There is a more recent edition of this work: ed. Å. J. Fridh (1973), ‘Magni Aurelii Cassiodori Variarum libri XII,’ in Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina 96: 1-499. But Mommsen’s text is out of copyright and so can be reproduced here. Also, Fridh’s text is blemished by a great many typographical errors.

You can download the Variæ as a Microsoft Word document (391k *.zip file) by clicking here.

My thanks to Jean-Louis Jouanaud at Marseille for his encouragement and generous help with this page.

Angus Graham

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