Further texts at this site

Several further Latin texts are available at this site – some (though not all) of them texts which provided sources for Albertano. The HTML versions can be obtained either at The Latin Library or at the bibliotheca Augustana or both. From the following links you can see the bibliographical sources and obtain the texts in Microsoft Word (*.zip files). All texts are available here for the first time on the web.

Alcuin’s De Rhetorica – click here .
Baldo’s Novus Esopus – click here .
Cassiodorus’ Variae – click here .
Godfrey of Winchester’s Epigrammata – click here .
Liber Kalilae et Dimnae – (not used by Albertano, but good fun) click here .
Peter Alfonsi’s Disciplina Clericalis – click here .
Gregory IX’s Decretals – click here .
Martin of Braga’s Opera omnia – click here .
Pseudo-Caecilius Balbus’ De Nugis Philosophorum – click here .
Life of Agnes of Bohemia – click here .
Hugh of St. Victor’s Didascalicon – click here .
Macarius the Great (attrib.), Apophthegmata – click here .
Isidor of Seville’s Etymologiarum – click here .
[pseudo-] William of Conches’ Moralium dogma philosophorum – click here .

Fulgentius’ Mitologiarum, Expositio virgiliana and Expositio sermonum antiquorum – click here.

Erasmus of Rotterdam’s  Querela pacis  –  click here.

I will add more as time and the day-job permit.

Angus Graham (4 August 2004).

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