Macarius the Great (attrib.):

This text is taken from: D. A. B. Caillau & D. M. N. S. Guillon (eds.), Collectio Selecta SS. Ecclesiæ Patrum, complectens exquisitissima opera tum dogmatica et moralia tum apologetica et oratoria, vol. 48, Paris: Parent-Desbarres, 1836, pp. 419-438. It is unclear who the translator (from the Greek) was, but practically the same Latin text appears alongside the Greek in PG 65 (1864): 258-282 and a similar text in PG 34 (1860): 231-262. The Latin might be seventeenth-century, since the PG mentions Pietro Possino’s print of 1684, or it might be earlier.

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Angus Graham.