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(Including nearby WANBOROUGH)


The One Place Study for Puttenham is still in progress and details of the study include:

(Please note, some of the files are heavy with data, or contain graphics, and therefore may take time to load, please be patient!)

         Introduction to the Puttenham One Place Study

         Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths - (These 3 files are heavy & take a few minutes to load)

         Puttenham Marriage Witness Index

         Surname Index from Puttenham Marriages

         Census material ~ {1841} {1851} {1861} {1871} {1881} {1891} {1901}

         War Memorials ~ Puttenham & Wanborough

         Puttenham Wills at the PRO

         Other Puttenham Wills

         Newspaper material relevant to Puttenham

         Directories & Electoral Records

         Copies of papers produced by the Puttenham and Wanborough History Society

         Details from the Population of Puttenham August 1869 as taken by Charles Kerry, Curate of Puttenham 1868-1877

         Details from the Poor Law Rate Book April 1821 - July 1837

         Puttenham Tithe Map dated 16th December 1841

         Records of Gravestones in Churchyard standing in 1968

         List of Church Wardens from 1718 - 1762

         Church Warden Accounts 1825 - 1830

         Puttenham Poor Law Papers ~ Settlement/ Removal Orders 1725 - 1840

         Puttenham Poor Law Papers ~ Bastardy Papers 1822 1839

         Puttenham Poor Law Accounts Concerned with health & recipients of out relief 1822 1858

         Puttenham Poor Law Sundry Papers 1790 1853

         Puttenham Poor Law Sundry Papers 1827 1834

         Puttenham Sundry Papers ~ Highway Surveyors 1820 1880

         Puttenham Sundry Papers ~ Work of Parish Constable 1828 - 1857

         Population of Puttenham August 1869 taken by Rev Charles Kerry

         List of those who walked the Perambulation of Puttenham 9th April 1824

         Detail regarding Charles Kerry, Curate including the Kerry Pedigree of Smalley, Derbyshire.

         Puttenham material from the Kerry Manuscripts

         Other material from the Kerry Manuscripts.

         Pedigrees of Puttenham Families and in many cases notes written at the time.

         Books about Puttenham and Puttenham Related Families

         Puttenham People that have become Strays

         Puttenham Scrapbook

         Puttenham One Place Study Guest Book

         Puttenham Mailing List



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