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Campaign for Community Banking Services (CCBS)
50 Roundwood Park 

T:  01582764760    F:  01582764760

The Campaign for Community Banking Services is a co-ordinating body for organisations representing sectoral interests adversely affected by the closure of local bank branches, particularly of the last or only bank in a rural or urban community.

At the 1996/9 rate of closure, 1000 more communities will have lost all their banks within 5 years.  CCBS advocates a co-operative service with all major banks contributing toward the operation of a common branch which provides access to all services. 

Competition and computer systems problems would seem to make this a difficult aim to achieve.  Post Office Counters may offer a viable alternative to local bank branches,  particularly in partnership with local communities - subject of course to the post offices continuing to be a part of local communities.

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