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These files are Real Audio tracks, except where stated.
# requires at least Real Player G2
A1 Tribute Medley Marty Wilde # .
A2 I Never Met Colette Albie Wycherley # More gen
A3 Halfway To Paradise Billy Fury # Decca
A4 Wondrous Place Billy Fury # Lyrics
A5 A Thousand Stars Billy Fury (with voices of Ringo Starr and David Essex) . That'll Be The Day soundtrack
A6 What'd I Say Billy Fury (with voices of Ringo Starr and David Essex) . That'll Be The Day soundtrack
A7 Toyota ad Billy Fury . .
A8 Billy Fury Billy Fury Ralph Alfonso # More gen
A9 Larry Parnes spoof Peter Sellers 1959
B1 Billy Fury Bernie Taupin # More gen
B2 Love And Fury Tornados . More gen
B3 We Want Billy Audience #


B4 Thank Your Lucky Stars/Jealousy Brian Matthew, Keith Fordyce, Billy Fury # My own compilation.

My intention in publishing the above tracks is to offer titles that are a little different. Suggestions (and recordings) will be gratefully received. For Billy Fury standards,please go to Paradise Place.

If you are seeking deleted titles, vinyl, etc, a good starting point is Netsounds. The home page lists second-hand dealers associated with this site, and by making a search for "Billy Fury" you will get a long list of available records - some, admittedly, at stupidly high prices. If instead, you find yourself tempted to cross cd101's electronic doorstep, bear in mind that not everyone has found them the most efficient of firms.

A good first buy for anyone interested in Billy's music is the superb 40th Anniversary double CD, complete with Chris Eley's excellent sleeve notes.

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