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DFX Programs and Adjustment Extracts *

Gives full details for four, very good, Inland Programs as well as 2 equally good Beach Programs. Includes full step by step instruction on how to install them.  Every adjustment for the DFX is explained, even Block Edit. What each adjustment does, when and why to adjust, together with step by step instructions on how to adjust - all are included!. Learn how to make adjustments in the field, how to let your detector tell you the Preamp Gain and A.C. Sensitivity for any site you are on.  Understanding adjustments and appreciating their usage is the same, and is equally as important, in the UK as it is in Europe, the United States of America and the restReverse of Severus Septiminus with Indulgence seated holding  the horn of plenty of the world!
This book WILL make your detecting experience far more rewarding!

                                                                                         EXTRACTS FROM THE DFX BOOK

HOT ROCK REJECT, This adjustment works in the Discrim I.D. number +95 slot. If positive hot rocks are a problem, set to 18, if they are not a problem, set at 15.  Negative hot rock signals disappear when the trigger is pulled for Pin-pointing, and are ignored if searching in All Metal Mode. Hot Rocks are normally a sign of habitation.
SWEEP SPEED , An important adjustment. Lower Sweep Speed settings expand the DFX'S window allowing the detector to get a wider view of any given target.  Higher Sweep Speed settings narrow the DFX'S window and therefore narrow the detectors view of the target.
GROUND FILTERING, With a Ground Filter setting of 2, Sweep Speed adjustment is inoperable and a lower Recovery Speed of say 20 should be used.  A Ground Filter setting of 2 works well on low mineral ground with lots of modern trash.  Use a Ground Filter setting of 3 on relatively free to moderate mineralised open farm land. Use a Ground Filter setting of 4 on heavy mineralised sites. Stay in the low numbers if you are not sure of the ground mineralisation,  only use high numbers when sure that you are searching on heavy mineralisation ground. Take a D.C. Phase I.D. reading of the ground materialisation, if the I.D. numbers come up in the high minus numbers then try the higher numbers.
DFX Programs
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VISUAL DISC, A very good Visual Discrim system. Leave it On at all times.  It shows I.D. numbers for Accepted targets and nothing for the rejected targets.  Works in conjunction with the Screen Bar Graph. Solid bars are displayed between 0, in the centre of the screen and +95, at the far right of the screen, for accepted or desirable targets. The bars are displayed between 0 and -95, at the far left of the screen, for rejected or unwanted targets. This is according to your Discrim settings. A very good V.D.I. system that is second to none.