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This homepage is intended as a contact medium for all Old Danes.

When I left St Clement Danes school in 1956 there was a vibrant Old Boys Association, with yearly reunion dinners organized by Charles Harwood as Hon Dinner Secretary with Norman Batten as Hon Sec.  By the  1980s the Association had withered and died through lack of interest. 

 In 1997, Roger Brunskill arranged a meeting of a few Old Danes and it was agreed that we should attempt to expand the Old Dane network with the main aim of putting contemporaries in contact with each other. 

This page is intended to list those Old Danes who wish their names up on the main page with the intention of their former schoolfriends and colleagues seeing, recognizing  and wishing to contact. This is not a resurrection of the  Old Boys Society but will allow contacts and reunions be established on an ad hoc basis. Several offshoot contact sites and reunion Groups have been formed and links and information about these will be found in the News and Comments Page

 The links at the foot of the homepage will take you to other areas of the site.

  The vitality of the site is dependant upon input from Old Danes and if you wish to contact any Old Dane on the list I will continue to maintain offline addresses and telephone numbers of the contacts where this has been given to me and the information remains valid.  This information will not be posted but will only be available through me. If you just wish to leave a message that is fine and your name and email will be available to all who read the message.

 If you wish to have your name put on the Contact List please send me an email confirming your name, years of attendance and House name and I will then enter it onto the Contact List by year.





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