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We make a very wide range of HiFi audio cables for the true audiophile including pure silver interconnects and Linear Crystal Oxygen Free Copper LC-OFC interconnects. Our power cables are high definition mains cables, AC power cords and replacement power cords with silver plated oxygen free copper (OFC), which, as you know when used properly, are materials proven to enhance performance. We have supplied the industry with silver and oxygen free copper loudspeaker cables, speaker wire, interconnects, replacement power cables and wires for over 15 years (established 1991). Please click below to entre.

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Beware of Expensive Imitations!

[We accept Visa and Mastercard, cash, cheques, postal orders, bank drafts and gold fillings in payment of for
mains cables, powercords, powercables, power cables, scart, s-video and other hifi components]

You have doubtless tried power cables and interconnect cables from many companies (such as Kimber Cable, Sonic Link, Russ Andrews (RATA), Audioquest, Monster Cable, Van den Hul, Nordost, MIT, Goertz, Straight Wire, QED, Linn, Naim, Supra, Ixos, Audio Synthesis, NBS, LAT International, Gut Wire, Chang Lightspeed, Oehlbach, Cardas, Eichmann Technology, True Colour Industries or Ensemble) so have we.
Cable chose is a very personal thing but we feel confident that with our 21 day money back guarantee you can find "Audio Nirvana".

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