Archbishop Holgate’s Grammar School, York
1546 - 1985

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These pages contain some information about the school, which A.H.G.S. web-searchers may find interesting. More information is added from time to time.
In the reorganisation of York's secondary education in 1985, A.H.G.S. (boys' grammar school) became Archbishop Holgate's School (coeducational comprehensive). This school continues in the Hull Road premises.

1985: the last year
To begin with, here are some pages about the last year of the grammar school. This was not very well documented. It was overshadowed by reorganisation.

This is not an official site. No further information about individuals can be supplied.

The School Hymn: "Servants of the Great Adventure"
Words, information and the school's official recording!

The Last Days at Lord Mayor's Walk
A magazine article from 1963, with photo of the Lord Mayor's Walk buildings.

The New Buildings at Hull Road
Text from the booklet issued to mark the Opening of the New School Buildings, 1963, with a list of key dates in the school's history.

Amongst the musical strengths of the school were first performances (or first non-professional performances) of operas by Britten, Birtwistle and Russell.

From 1954, the school contributed the Wagon (or Waggon) Plays to the York Festivals. Over the years, at least 150 pupils must have taken part in these productions, which received much press and television coverage, including Blue Peter, Pebble Mill, and Desmond Morris's The Making of Mankind.


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