101                 101 Positive Action Words
for your C.V.

Use action words when describing what you have done.  


Established   Planned Stressed
Accomplished Ended Pioneered Strengthened
Achieved Ensured Presented Stretched
Activated  Exceeded Processed Succeeded
Approved Extended   Programmed Summarised
Attained   Finalised Positive   Superseded  
Budgeted Finished Profit  Supervised
Built  Forecast    Promoted  Terminated
Calculated Foresaw   Questioned  Trained 
Conceived Generated  Rectified Traded  
Conducted Headed    Recognised  Transformed
Completed Increased Redesigned Translated
Consolidated Implemented Reduced Tripled
Contribution     Improved     Reorganised Trimmed 
Controlled    Introduced  Rescued Turned   
Core  Invented  Researched Uncovered
Created   Launched  Revised    Unified  
Delegated  Led   Revived Utilised 
Delivered Maintained Saved   Verified 
Demonstrated  Motivated  Scheduled   Waged  
Designed  Negotiated  Set up  Won
Diagnosed   Ordered    Sold   Worked 
Directed  Operated Solved Wrote   
Doubled  Perceived   Sorted 
Eliminated Performed  Started   
Empowered Persuaded Streamlined

 For maximum impact positive words should be used selectively                                                                      
Other useful words and phrases include:-
           New, Key,  Since adopted by,  Well accepted

But be careful of vague words like :-  Co-ordinated,  Liaised,   Administered,  Helped. 

         and phrases like :-  involved in, assisted with, knowledge of, exposed to, participated in

          What do they mean ?   

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