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by Reiner Knizia
for 2-4 Players

Game board Dynasties and Cultures clash, 300 years before Christ. EUPHRAT & TIGRIS from Reiner Knizia, A game that takes you on a trip back to the times of the ancient Sumerians.

Thousands of years ago, in fertile Mesopotamia, washed by the twin rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, a new culture emerged. Before the Egyptians arose, Sumerian traders had already laid down the beginnings of written records, and very probably, Sumerian farmers had developed wheels for their ox carts. Each player must ensure that their own dynasty grows and prospers, at the expense of others if necessary! They each have four figures to help them in this, King. Priest, Trader and Farmer. Each player's aim is to develop their small initial colony into a large, powerful kingdom. But the amount of fertile land is limited, so growth is only possible by expanding into neighbouring kingdoms. The way to win is by balancing your growth, developing all four aspects of your civilisation equally. Only through careful planning will a dynasty ensure that it's name lives on through history, rather than one of it's rivals.

A strategical tile placement game for 2 to 4 players lasting 90 minutes.
German Edition by Hans im Glück.. Dutch Edition by 999 Games. Full English translation available.

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