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by Reiner Knizia
for 2-4 players

Game board A game of power struggles in ancient Japan.

SAMURAI, from Reiner Knizia, Priests, Nobles and Rice-farmers struggle against one another, each trying to gain the upper hand..

The Samurai: Their name is known the world over as a symbol of bravery, unbreakable loyalty and inner harmony. Even today, their reputation survives, unblemished, and their history has acquired legendary status. The Japan of the Samurai was dominated by three forces, religion, and the priesthood, feudalism, and the nobles that held power under it, and the force of the common people, the rice farmers. Any one man who wished to take over the reins of power first had to ensure the total loyalty and support of at least one of these three strands of Japanese society.  And for real power, connections with the other two were equally necessary, if their strength was not to be used against him.

In Samurai, the latest game from Reiner Knizia, successful author of games such as EUPHRAT & TIGRIS, these three forces are represented by 39 high-quality plexiglass figures of Rice-fields, Buddhas and helmets. Played on a multi-piece board, showing the 4 principal islands of Japan, players must cunningly use the power available to them to gain control over a majority of the figures in the towns and villages. Only a player with total control over one type, hidden behind the Japanese screen in front of them, has any chance of winning.

A strategical tile placement game for 2 to 4 players lasting 45 minutes.
German Edition by Hans im Glück.. English Edition by Rio Grande Games. Dutch Edition by 999 Games. Full English translation available.

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