The Vickers family in the UK


Christopher J. Vickers

My direct line of Vickers comes from Yorkshire and before that Shropshire. I am currently looking at records back around the late 17th century.

Perhaps if one can go back far enough in time some common links between the Vickers of Shropshire and those in other counties will emerge.

One of the problems we face in tracing the Vickers surname earlier than the 19th century is that the contemporary spelling is not what it used to be and several variations were in common use.


When researching ones' family roots it would be a pleasant surprise to discover ancestors of fame or fortune, or both, and perhaps a rightful claim to a family coat of arms. But so far I have not been that fortunate. My branch of Vickers appear to have come from other classes in society.

I have also included a reference to the family behind Vickers Ltd - the engineering and armaments company - with whom so many Vickers feel associated. Unfortunately I fear there is little chance of that unless your roots are deep in Yorkshire!


If my research coincides with the interests of any other Vickers out there it would be good to link up to see if we are sharing common ground. And I am happy if this page comes to be used as a staging post for others researching the name.

I am recording a note of any other Vickers on the Web that I have come across and some other Web Sites that may be of more general interest.

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