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proudly present:                                       
Splash 4D particle system
the revolutionary particle engine for  IMAGINE3D   


The full version of Splash - 4D Particle System is only 20, $37 or 42 Euros!!!
We've introduced many new ways for you to buy Splash, making it quick and easy for you to purchase this great software.

Added a cool new "Tips" section so you can share your particle tips and tricks with other Splash users.

3eyeArts have kindly produced this web site for us, making finding information about Splash even easier and more enjoyable.

Insert Stage program released to automate process of inserting a Splash particle animation into an Imagine Stage file. set the start frame and length of animation and click 'Insert', it's that simple. Insert Stage is free to all customers of Splash v1.01.

The Imagine FTP Site is kindly hosting the Splash Demo as a mirror. Try: ftp://ftp.uidaho.edu/pub/graphics/imagine/utilities/SplashDemo.zip

Version 1.01 full version has been released to fix a bug in the file format. This version is free if you have paid for version 1.0. As an incentive to download the new version I have included a new feature: Viewport Backdrops!!! You can now load an image into the background of any Viewport. You can use this to help model a particle effect, e.g. load a picture of a whirlwind when creating a whirlwind particle animation. Alternatively you could load in screenshots of a 3D scene from your rendering package, then use this to get the shape of your particle effect just right.
Also, if you experienced a crash and your computer uses a "," as a decimal separator (e.g. 1/2 = "0,5" not "0.5") then v1.01 will now work on your system.


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