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BFFS Welsh Group Autumn Film Weekend

Theatr Llwyn, Llanfyllin, Powys 9-10th October 2004, hosted by Valleys Film Society

A full weekend of cinematic pleasure including 7 exciting films ... dinner ... and accommodation at the nearby Cairn Valley Hotel.


Still from 'L'Homme du Train'.

L'Homme du Train
A teacher and gangster meet and realise each might have been suited to the other's way of life.

Friday 19.30 - tickets at door £3.50 - Valleys Film Society

Still from 'Before Sunset'.

Before Sunset
Jesse and Celine meet nine years later ... are they still in love?

Saturday 9.30

Still from 'Uzak'.
Uzak (Distant)
The relationship between a lonely, eccentric country worker and a neurotic city worker.

11.25 Saturday

Still from 'Bus 174'.
Bus 174
Documentary - a bus was hi-jacked by armed men threatening to shoot the passengers.

14.15 Saturday

Still from 'Imagining Agentina'.
Imagining Argentina
A tale of love, compassion and danger.

16.45 Saturday

The Cain Valley Hotel.

Dinner at Cain Valley Hotel

followed by short films from Wales

19.30 Saturday

Still from 'Dal: Yma/Nawr'.

Dal: Yma/Nawr
A 2000 year odyssey through Europe's oldest surviving tradition. From Aneirin's 6th century war reporting to today's modern poetry.

9.30 Sunday

Still from 'Zatoichi'.
A town run by gangs and powerful Samurai ... two powerful geishas ... duels, wit and a touch of Zen.

11.30 Sunday

Still from 'Comme Une Image'.

Comme une Image
Unlike the models in her magazine Lolita struggles with her self-esteem and tried to win her father's affection.

14.20 Sunday