The Nonconformists

Possible Subjects

2001 A Human Oddity

Developing A Personality
March 2002

Sitting on the Fence III

A Captive Audience

Self Portrait with hair VIII
September 2001
36cm H x 18cm W x 18cm D

A Slight Problen IV, July 2002

A Slight Problem XVIII, September 2003

Mindless Technology September 2003

Follow My Leader September 2003

Driven By Greed and Power January 2004

Armed and Dangerous September 2004

Someone Else's Body III, October 2004

Social Posturing I, March 2005

Home Sweet Home, July 2005

It's All in the Eyes II, August 2005

Talking to Strangers II, August 2005

Different Hats, August 2005

It's All in the Eyes III, December 2005

Different Hats III, January 2006

Different People, June 2007

Dumb as a Dodo IV, Oct 2007

A Little Bird Told Me, December 2007

The Envy of Others I May 2008

Something of a Relationship Dec 2008

Sympathetic Thoughts May 2009

A Kind of Dignty Aug 09

Dignty V Nov 2009

Dialogue III Oct 2010

Dragon Boy I Aug 2011

Daggers Drawn I June 2011

Anonymous Fugure Jan 2012

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