Hello and Goodbye.

Many years ago I started The Brian Stableford Website to celebrate one of the underrated heroes of contemporary science fiction.

At that time, I had no idea of exactly how prolific Brian was and the web site took over my life for a while, though even Brian can't write books faster than I can read them.

As time passed, my reading drifted from science fiction to popular science and eventually, philosophy. Time spent reading science fiction simply didn't feel well spent, especially as my new hero was the equally prolific Bertrand Russell.

After a while progress on the website ground to a halt, but since the site didn't cost me anything, I was happy to leave it up. It proved a useful point of contact for Brain and his readership could still find much that was available.

Now however, Phil Stephensen-Payne has stepped forward and using my site as a starting point, created a site of his own which already has a new look and a lot of new content.

So let me hand you over to Phil. I hope he and Brian continue for many years to come.

Oh and incidentally, Bertrand Russell said time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time, so get reading.

(-: Ian :-)

Enter The Brian Stableford Website.