Cary Grant 

The wonderful and gorgeous Cary Grant is my favourite actor - just ask any of my friends and work colleagues. They tend to tremble and shake and bring out the sharp knives whenever I mention his illustrious name. Anyway, who can blame me for my obsession.


Sorry about the poor quality of the middle photo. It's actually scanned in from a 1940's magazine. I have recently discovered a little treasure trove of ancient magazines and dusty books (hi Arthur!) and can usually be seen on a Saturday, up to my ears in tales of Hollywood in the 30s and 40s, looking for Cary references no matter how small. I will be updating this page to include some Cary gems from some of these magazines some time in the next millenium!


 My favourite Cary Grant films are:

The Bishop's Wife - every time I watch it I start crying just that bit earlier because I know what's coming up. I'm now at the stage where I cry as the opening credits roll. Soon I'll be crying as I get the video out of its box. Oh well....

Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House - I'd just like to say a special thank you to those lovely people at 4Front Video for rereleasing loads of Cary Films recently. I was able to go out and get this one which I hadn't seen for years.

The Awful Truth - A marvellous screwball comedy - a riot from beginning to end, co-starring my favourite Cary Grant leading lady - Irene Dunne. The film also co-stars Asta - the screwball comedy dog.


Well, there are so many pages dedicated to Cary Grant that I'm not even going to try and add anything. So here are a few of my favourite Cary Grant links:

The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages - Home of the E-Mail Warbrides and chock-a-block full of goodies.

The Cary Grant Video Source Page -Where to get those long sought after Cary Grant videos, and reviews of all his films by some of the Warbrides (Biased? Of course not).

The Shrine to Cary Grant - If you love Cary Grant this is the place to pay homage.

The Acrobat of The Drawing Room - Warbride Laila's site, with loads of glorious photos - Warbride Gina has Cary and his leading ladies and much more

On the subject of the e-mail Warbrides, if you click here you will find a description of my meeting with Warbride Debbie on a recent trip to the States. There are photos - you have been warned!!

To see some photos of the 1999 Cary convention in Bristol, click here.

If you'd like to see a teeny tiny (not really real) Cary Grant movie, click here. It's a shockwave flash movie and may take a little while to load, so please be patient!

If you would like to KISS Cary, click here and then click your mouse over that gorgeous face! (Your browser needs to be java and javascript enabled for this to work.)

Well, now I've been so helpful and given all those links, I'm off to watch The Philadelphia Story AGAIN. But before I go, click here for some more photos to enjoy for absolutely no reason, other than that you will enjoy them.


A Scene from 'The Awful Truth' - one of my favourites



'His Girl Friday'



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