Philippines visa extension regulations for tourists

philippine visa extension

On arrival at Manila International airport, Cebu,  Davao, Laoag, or Zambonga in the philippines without a philippine visa, to obtain an philippine entry visa you must produce the following documents:-

On production of these documents you will automatically be granted a Philippine visa for 21 days.  This cost nothing, however there is an airport exit tax of 550 pesos (14US$)

Philippine Visa extension can be obtained either by applying at the Immigration office at Intramuros, Manila or Angeles or Cebu City or San Fernando, LA Union.  Or, you can pass it to a travel agent for processing for a small fee.  An efficient travel agent for philippine visa extensions is Swagman Travel at Flores St., Ermita, Manila.  Their telephone number in Manila, Philippine is (63)(2)524-5816.

If you require your philippine visa quickly you can pay extra for express service.

The first Philippine visa extension is for 38 days taking your total stay to 59 days.

The next Philippines visa extension takes you to 3 or 4 months depending on the immigration office.

Further philippines visas extensions can be obtained, although past 6 months gets a little complicated as there is a regulation for  finger prints and police clearance may be required.

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