Machinic Unconscious

Collective infrastructures, like the media and advertising, never cease to interfer with the most intimate levels of subjective life. The unconscious . . . is only a rhizome of machinic interactions, a link to power systems and power relations that surround us. As such, unconscious processes cannot be analysed in terms of specific content or structural syntax, but rather in terms of enunciation, of collective enunciative assemblages, which, by definition, correspond neither to biological individuals nor to structural paradigms. Unconscious subjectivity engendered by these assemblages is not 'ready made.' It locates its processes of singularization, its subjective ensemble, within orders which differ greatly from each other (signs, incorporeal universes, energy, the 'mechanosphere,' etc.), according to open configurations . . . . [Guattari, "Beyond the Psychological Unconscious": 199]