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Small Jet Engines, Pulse-jets, Gas Turbines and Turbojet Motors & APU's for fun!

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My Shreckling (home built)

Updated 1-Feb-99 My experience is quite limited regarding actually building gas turbines, but my friend Andrew Germaney has built several to surgical accuracy from drawings and these run well. His first one was a 'Shreckling' and this is now mine. This runs beautifully and photographs and details of this little motor are on the link below. One shows it running on my desk inside my house!

1. Shreckling homebuilt engine details and pictures

My Solent (Plessey Dynamics)

Updated 10-Feb-99 My other little motor is not actually that little! It is a from a Phantom F4 fighter and is actually a 'jet starter'. This is called a Plessey Dynamics Solent. It was built for Rolls Royce and flies on board attached to the front of a the 'Spey' jet engine. It fires up with the aid of a small starter motor and then provides shaft HP to start the main engines. We have removed the free power turbine along with the on board fuel and oil pumps and spark ignition system, and added a tail pipe to make a pure turbojet for flight or propulsion. We have also started and run this motor up in the house (once only..) The motor had to come apart for painting / examination etc - Update! Now painted and cleaned and rebuilt ready for use! See new pictures.

1. Detail and pictures of the Solent (2 pages)

2. Stripped down Solent pictures (Internal Detail)

3. Rebuilt / painted / pictures are here! (Updated! on Feb 11)

My Pulse-Jets

Updated 10-April-99 I have also designed and built a small turbojet using the turbine and shaft and compressor from a T3 Garrett Turbocharger removed from a Ford Escort RS Turbo. This was a bit of a failure as it only wanted to run at high speed. Also I have built various big home designed Pulse-Jets with some success. And have owned and run an old (small) Dyna-jet, 4.25 Lb. thrust and currently have a biggish Italian pulse jet that has been modified and fitted on to a big delta.

1. Details & pictures of this are here

2. New PulseJet Pictures!

3. These guys still make the Dyna-Jet pulse jet engine!

(O/T) My Van!

Ok absolutely nothing to do with gas turbines, but its my web-site and I can do what I want! Following a motorcycle accident that left me in a wheelchair, I needed a vehicle that went well and had a wheelchair lift and transported me and my planes in the style that I was accustomed.... Wrecked my bank balance though! Should you be interested in this machine check out the link below!

1. My VW Caravelle VR6 people carrier (Disabled cool van!)(Updated 21- April - 99)

2. To see a very strange picture of me click here!

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Now Everybody Else!

1. Mark Nye is building a wood burning turbine for the year 2000 when all the computers screw up. Not sure what he's on but he has other good experience too mainly with converted turbochargers and afterburners etc. E-mail Mark on He also has his own Web-Site is at  

2. Andy Germaney has built 2 successful miniature gas turbines (including my Shreckling!) and is at the moment struggling to get his Kamps Turbojet to combust properly on paraffin. Anyone have any ideas? He is very enthusiastic and helpful. E-mail Andy on He has no web-site - so his stuff is on here - photos and details Here!  

3. David Britz has built 7 Shrecklings, and 5 KJ-66 motors!, and has 6 years of building and flying experience of these jets! He can be contacted on . His e-mail to me, along with some photographs, are here! His own Web-Site is at Also - He can supply most parts finished ready to go! look here!

4.  Brad Lotsberg E-mail - Has built only one engine so far (but currently building another) This was a turbocharger based motor that worked OK, He has now taken out the rotor and is slowly building it into a smaller turbine. He is sticking with the original radial inflow turbine wheel and compressor & shaft from his turbo. Details of this are on his web pages at Once this engine is done and he has some more experience, He would like to build the largest one he can, maybe with the rotor out of a giant turbo from a 1000hp motor.(Train / truck turbo?) Brad has me not sent any pictures yet! OK now he has, ever seen a Phantom jet about 50 feet up going supersonic! Must look here!

5. Ian Bennett Gas Turbines Hobby Pages are at . These have details on model, turbocharger, and APU's (auxiliary power units) and other gas turbine stuff such as the Solent gas turbine starter that I have.

6. Gas turbine builders association (GTBA) Their site and association offers help, newsletters etc with building and safety matters for home builders. There are lots of people building small jet engines! Many photographs and details.

7. Jesus Artes de Arcos / Kurt Shreckling, KJ-66 If you want to build a gas turbine for model aircraft use then this is the one! The original Shreckling while interesting and easy / cheap to build, is limited in power, the Kamps was a big improvement but some have trouble with combustion and a turbocharger compressor needs to be bought. The KJ-66 was developed from these original motors into a more powerful and sophisticated unit, the majority of which can still be built at home, although a turbo compressor and a special turbine wheel need to be purchased. All other components can also be purchased too! This is a link to their web-site. This server can sometimes be slow. Shame because this site is very interesting.

8. Paul Jackson (Lincoln) has a web-site with details of his KJ-66 That he is building, and details of a 'Phoenix' that his friend has built and tested, with great photographs! Also he has a dead APU that he is going to 'section' as he thinks it will never run anymore. Or Email him Now also pics of the Phoenix Jet in bits!

9. Roger Marmion Email or (He works for a well known performance vehicle specialists) He also has a web page devoted to all things turbine, and his turbocharger derived gas-turbine in particular at

10. Lawrence Henry Berg's (Larry's page) Web-site is at It is mainly dedicated to his turbocharger based turbine. A month ago he purchased 4 small turbine engines.  One is completely assembled and almost ready to go and the others in parts. He found enough parts to build a second complete engine and hopes to try running it soon. They are surplus starter/APU motors made by Rotax (now Lucas) for the Harrier jump jets. Like Ian Bennetts MK2 but an earlier version.  These weigh 70 pounds with the gear box + starter motor + fuel & oil pumps and produce 85hp at 3,100 rpm at the output shaft.Turbine shaft rpm unknown as yet. He also got most of a Garrett GTP 70-52 APU at the same time!.  

11. Eirik Karlsen has built a Kamps and a KJ66, and is presently improving the combustor for the KJ66. Also has developed a computerised ECU, awaiting final testing this spring. Stainless Steel Cleaning Tip! Email

12. Fredrik Westberg has a lot of info drawings and files to download on pulse jets including his experimental / failed (so far!) one. His pages are at and you will need to click on the 'British flag' and then on 'Project' and scroll down. English is a bit strange but I can't complain because I can only speak one language badly.. Interesting stuff all the same.

13. Toine Martens is not a gas turbine operator or builder as such, but has loads of good stuff on pulse jets and turbines as well as the usual stuff. Great site! Good links.

14. Traplet Publications, online hobby magazines and books for Kurt Shrecklings bible on model jet motors and how to build his in particular - essential reading, or Thomas Kamps book on his homebuilt jet engine that uses a turbocharger compressor wheel to make construction simpler. I ordered my books via credit card online with no problems, and delivery was in 3 days.

15. Bills Turbo(charger)jet Engine. Details and good pics of Bills engine here! Or email Bill at

16. Robert Jamnic - Has built a pulse jet (Currently under development) and has new pages at e-mail:

17. Michael Allen - WANT ONE? has more turbines than all of us put together and wants to swap / sell NEW one click here for details. Email

18. Oliver Green An interesting Jet site focusing on all aspects of jet modelling. Soon opening an online store. Email:            

19. Jerry E Green Has a new and interesting site at with lots of interesting stuff and more links!

20. Pete Withers has a Mars GT for sale if anyone is interested! contact him on: Picture is here!

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