This ritual sequence culminates with an Enochian Verse formula in a "positive thinking" mould which has been found to be consistently effective for major and minor endeavours, both personal and external. It is primarily an individual working, but can easily be modified for use by a group, perhaps for performance in the home of one of the participants.

The operator can use an Athame, a Wand, or similar ritual weapon.

Suitable incense is that pertaining to Pan (available from Amphora Aromatics), or any proprietary 'planetary' incense, those of the nature of the Sun or Jupiter being particularly suitable.

1. Clear any stray influences from the working area with a Banishing. Peter Carroll's 'Gnostic Banishing Ritual' or the 'Golden Dawn Banishing' on the Liber Bootleg tape should serve quite effectively, or use whatever equivalent procedure you feel comfortable with. 

2. The Banishing may be followed with a period of meditation, or a visualisation exercise, such as 'The Mummy and the Mirror', also on Liber Bootleg.

3. The operator may find it useful to attune with a suitable lection or recitation, for example the 'Hymn to Pan' by Aleister Crowley.

4. The Enochian Verse should be intoned by the operator in a standing position, facing East (either geographical or determined by chance), sky-clad or naked under a single robe of any colour. It may be useful to transcribe the phonetic representation of the Enochian text onto a larger sheet of card or paper, which can be erected on an altar or held by an attendant. The ritual weapon may be held above the head throughout the intonation, or raised prior to the proclamation "ABRA-CHAD-ABRA". At the moment of the climactic KIAI (either a shout in the style of a martial arts practitioner, or an exclamation of orgasmic ecstasy) the weapon should be brought from above the head to strike a seal or device the ground, while strongly visualising a lightning flash. The eight-rayed symbol of Chaos is a suitable seal for general use, and may be traced with the weapon before commencing the intonation, or represented on paper; any personal device or a pentagram (aright or averse according to taste) will also be effective.

5. Some people prefer to close with a formal banishing, but a simple hand-clap, a sequence of Knocks, or a Chao-Discordian 'Banishing with Laughter' would be appropriate, particularly if the ritual is performed as part of a longer session of magical work. 

COPYRIGHT NOTE: This is a public domain ritual devised by Fra Choronzon 999 of the London Temple of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT). If you find it useful please feel free to copy it, with acknowledgement, to other responsible practitioners of Magic.

NOTE ON ENOCHIAN PRONOUNCIATION: The text below is given on three lines. The actual letters of the Enochian words are capitalised, the English translation of each word is immediately below, and the vocalised Enochian words, written phonetically for pronounciation, form the third line.



COCASB             BRINT          NIIS             BAGLE        ALDI            DE    LIMLAL.     

The time              has                 come           for                 the gathering of      treasure.        

coh-cah-sah-beh   bar-ee-en-teh   nee-ee-ess    bah-gee-leh    ah-el-dee      deh    lee-mah-lah-el.

TOH       VORS     BABALON        YOLCI            MOZ.   

Triumph  over        the wicked          brings forth      joy.      

toh-heh   voh-ress   bah-bah-loh-en   yoh-el-cah-ee   moh-zod.

ABRAMS                  VAUL        ZIRN              GMICALZOMA.                 

I prepare                    to work      wonders           with power & understanding.

ah-bah-rah-mah-geh    vah-oo-el    zod-ce-ar-en    geh-mee-cah-lah-zod-oh-mah.

OI        SALMAN     TRIAN          VMADEA             OD    

This      house           shall be           a strong tower       and   

oh-ee    sal-mah-en    tar-ee-ah-en    veh-mah-deh-ah    oh-deh

NONCP                   BLIORS            BAGLE        PRIAZ                DS          ZORGE;                

A place                    of comfort          for                those                   who        are friendly unto mc;

en-oh-en-cah-peh     beh-lee-oh-ress    bah-gee-leh    pah-ree-ah-zod    deh-ess    zod-oh-rah-geh;      

CAPIMOA          PRIAZ              DS         TORZUL            ASPT                OL    SA    VONPO   

While                  those                 who        rise up                before                me     in     wrath        

cah-pee-moh-ah   pah-ree-ah-zod   deh-ess   toh-ar-zod-oo-el   ah-ess-peh-teh   oh-el   sah   voh-en-poh

TRIAN         ADRPAN                OD        SA    ARCOAZIOR                VMPLIMF.                  

Shall be         cast down,               and        by     that increase                   my strength.               

tar-ee-ah-en   ah-deh-rah-pah-en,   oh-deh   sah   ar-coh-ah-zod-ee-oh-rah   veh-em-peh-lee-em-eff.

A     OI      OTHIL           EMETGIS             DE    VOVIN.    

On   this     I set                the seal                  of     the dragon. 

ah   oh-ee   oh-tah-hee-el   em-eh-teh-gee-ess   deh   voh-vee-en.


IO  \  PAN