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the mission is over

Scott 4 formed in 1995 by Scott Blixen & Ed Tilley has ceased to be. However from the ashes a new thing is born:

[The Scott 4 Free Rock Orchestra]

S.4.F.R.O. is built around B-sox, E.T., The Most Emperor Mingus & Billy Ray Sawtooth PLUS a heavenly host of [collaborators].

The [free rock mission] sets out to party on the [righteous cosmic oneness], harness the power of [sonic healing] and demand [universal human understanding]. The introductory [minifesto], 'The Glory and The Story of Free Rock' is available to anyone on order from FRO HQ. Click on the [lp] link above to listen and download extracts from the [lp].

[lp] & [minifesto] release date: [29th March 2005]

sympathy for the [man] & the [woman]

(c) S.4.F.R.O 2005