Carmel Saints

Icons by Lynne Taggart
Egg tempera and gilding on panel

Saint John of the Cross, San Juan de la Cruz , Icon by Lynne Taggart

Saint John of the Cross
The text on the scroll reads:
 “My Beloved is the mountains strange islands and resounding rivers”

Saint Therese of Avila, Santa  Teresa de Avila, icon by Lynne Taggart

Saint Teresa of Avila
The text on the book reads:
“Prayer is a close sharing between friends…
To be alone with Him who we know loves us”

Both these Icons are in the
Carmelite Priory. Boars Hill. Oxford  OX15HB  UK

Saint Therese of Lisieux, Santa Teresa de Lisieux, icon by Lynne Taggart

Saint Therese of Lisieux
The text on the book  reads:
"I feel within me a Holy Daring"

Commissioned by the Rev. John Udris

Lyne Taggart
Icons of Angels

Contact: Lynne Taggart London, United Kingdom