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Notice Board - Lesbian Discussion Group

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The Lesbian Discussion Group is a friendly and welcoming group and FREE (although there is a donations box to help support the bookshop).

We meet EVERY WEDNESDAY evening at the shop from 8.00pm - 9.00pm.

Discussions are generally light-hearted, but even when controversial topics are discussed, it is always in a safe environment. An intimate and gentle place for anyone just coming out whatever their age or circumstance. At the end of each discussion those present who wish to, go on to a local bar for more informal chats over a beer or lemonade. The topics for discussion are generated by the group. New topic ideas are always welcome and can be put forward at any time.

Topics: Aug - Sept 2013

21st Aug
Stonewall - The Gateways - and Candy Bar: talking about lesbian history and the present.

28th Aug
Does the L get lost in LGBT?

4th Sept
Sex Education at school - does the female perspective on things get ignored?

11th Sept
Lesbian mothers and grandmothers...

Sept 18th
Getting to know the group...

25th Sept
Love on first sight - does it exist?

2nd Oct

Questions or topic suggestions contact:

Dividing Line

Gay's the Word Lesbian Discussion Group Charter The GTWLDG is a safe place for women to express their opinions and beliefs without undue censure. We wish to encourage healthy discussion in an environment of trust and privacy, where we can agree or disagree with each other without fear in a forum of mutual trust and respect.

We are free to express our opinions but not to expect others to necessarily agree with them.

We should take care not to take too long to express our opinions being mindful that others may also have something to say.

We should listen to what the person speaking has to say and not interrupt them; nor have individual conversations while they are speaking.

We are free to disagree with what the speaker has said but not to disparage them.

We will respect the Group Facilitator and understand they have the responsibility to do the best they can to help the group abide by the principles of this Charter.

Infringement of these principles will result in a verbal warning and a request to abide by the words of the charter. Repeated infringement of these principles will result in the individual being barred from the group and potentially from Gay's The Word Bookshop.

The purpose of this charter is to ensure the GWLDG continues to be a respectful and safe environment where everyone has the right to participate but none to dominate or disrupt. Attendance of the GWLDG necessitates an acceptance of the terms of this charter.

NB. The decision of the Group Facilitator is final.

Lesbian Discussion Group - A Women Only Space

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