The Naughty Folk of Wiltshire

Court cases from the Swindon Advertiser 1854 & 1855


This 2nd edition is published on CD in both Word and PDF format.


This CD is a delightful collection of court cases from the Swindon Advertiser during the years of 1854 -1855

and, if you have connections in Wiltshire and want to possibly put some flesh on the bones of your ancestors,

thus, making them more than just names and dates, then this could be the CD for you!


Here are just a few examples to whet your appetite.


ADAMS, John.

      was brought up in custody, charged under the vagrant act, with begging at the house of J W BROWNE. Prisoner upon being sentenced to 1 month hard labour exclaimed O my goodness! Is it hard labour you said? Well, Im obliged to you.

SPC: 20 Jul 1854, Source: Swindon Evening Advertiser, 24 Jul 1854, Page 7



HUNT, William.

      With Sarah FOTTUNE & Dorcas HUNT, indicted for burglariously breaking & entering house of Harriet GILLAM at Chippenham & stealing, writing desk, 2 purses, 3. & other articles. 18m hard labour. Said You had better take me and hang me at once my Lord.++

WSA: 06 Aug 1855. Source: Swindon Evening Advertiser, 13 Aug 1855



WHITE, Wm. Frederick.

      Charged with stealing a piece of bacon the property of Robert HOWSE at Devizes. Prisoner said he laboured under a disease of the head. The learned Judge said he thought so too and he would see him taken care of.

WAz: 08 Mar 1855. Source: Swindon Evening Advertiser, 12 Mar 1855, Page 7



WITHERS, Susannah.

      Charged Jonas HYOTT with being the father of her bastard child. Order made for 1s.6d per week + costs.

SPC: 06 Jul 1854. Source: Swindon Evening Advertiser, 24 Jul 1854. Page 7



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