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Wiltshire Genealogy     


Baptisms 01y Plus – Various Wiltshire Parishes - Free Listing (updated 28th Jan 2005)

Many of us search through parishes looking for Baptisms around the year

We expect them to be. Many of us just can not find that elusive ancestor.

Many reached adulthood before they were Baptised, no wonder we can’t

Find them! (File in PDF)


Naughty Folk of Wiltshire – The accused and their accusers 1854-1855

People living in Swindon or the surrounding parishes. However, there were

reports for the Assize Courts and quite a number of these cases involved

individuals  from more distant Parishes such as Corsham and Chippenham.


Wiltshire Marriages Indexes

-         (CDs) Available from C J Genealogical Collections


* Blunsden St Andrew           1655-1836 (CD)
* Bishopstone  (North)          1574-1837 (CD)

* Bremhill                            Misc Years (File available in PDF)
* Broad Blunsden                  1585-1840
* Castle Eaton                      1549-1812
* Chisledon                           1641-1837
* Cricklade St Sampson         1608-1842
* Cricklade St Mary             1607-1837
* Highworth                          1538-1837
* Holyrood                           1589-1622 with gaps
* Little Hinton                      1648-1840
*Rodbourne Cheyne               1813-1837
*South Marsden                    1540-1837
*Stanton Fitzwarren             1543-1840
*Stratton St Margaret         1608 -1842
*Swindon Christchurch          1624-1840
*Wanborough                       1582-1837

*Wootton Rivers                  1607-1721 (File available in PDF)
*Wroughton                          1654-1837


Wiltshire Marriages covered by Phillimores


Wiltshire Mailing Lists

·        Eng-Wiltshire

·        Eng-Wil-Swindon


Wiltshire Modern Day Announcements

·        Obituaries  - Swindon Evening Advertiser 1992 – 1999

-         Available from C J Genealogical Collections


·        Scrapbooks – Swindon Evening Advertiser – Free listing (updated 28th Jan 2005)

-         Articles, Inquests, Photos.- Introduction to this Scrapbook (File in PDF)


·        Scrapbooks – Miscellaneous Modern Day Newspapers – Articles Inquests (Coming soon)


Wiltshire Miscellaneous Parish Records (Files in PDF)

·        Avebury Burials


Wiltshire Newspaper Snippets Free Listings (Files in PDF)

·        Collection One







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