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The Muirhead
Family Tree

The Family Trees:

The family tree contains my ancestors and relatives from both my father's side "Muirhead", and my mother's side "Rufino" The display will provide a list of names with dates and also a family page display. To display the family tree click the links above.

The St Petersburg Connection

I have so far traced my ancestors back to my Great, Great Grandfather, George Muirhead married to Ann Glenister. George was a tailor. They were resident in St Petersburgh, Russia where they had 7 Children between 1842 and 1851 One of these, Samuel Muirhead, born in 1851 was my Great Grandfather.

If anyone can add to this part of the family tree or shed some light on why and when George went to St Petersburg I would be grateful. Please drop me an e-mail.