Bottesford Parish Records

The following links lead to transcripts of various parish registers, whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy there may be errors in the transcripts.

I therefore recommend users to consult the original records when the opportunity arises

Families of Bottesford, Leics. Database

Marriages 1563 to 1595

Marriages 1596 to 1632

Marriages 1633 to 1669 

Marriages 1670 to 1710

Marriages 1711 to 1744

Marriages 1745 to 1772

Marriages 1773 to 1793

Marriages 1794 to 1805

Marriages 1806 to 1812

Bottesford Burials 1730-1900




Baptisms 1722-1728

Baptisms 1729-1760

Baptisms 1761-1795

Baptisms 1796-1810

Baptisms 1811-1812

Baptisms 1813-1828

Baptisms 1829-1839

Baptisms 1840-1850

Baptisms 1851-1853

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