The Penford Lineage

The numbers before the main names refer to the overall position in the amalgamated pedigrees

Information in this lineage mainly supplied by Jack Penford


37. Ann GUY


Ann GUY born cir 1810, married 29 Jun 1831, in Newark Upon Trent Nottinghamshire, Henry Thomas

PENFORD, born bef 1806, died cir 1859. Ann died cir 1878, buried: Mansfield.


i Ann Francis Guy PENFORD died cir 1915.

ii Elizabeth PENFORD.

iii Mary PENFORD married Francis BARKS, died cir 1912. Mary died cir 1912.

iv William Guy PENFORD born cir 1832, married Ann UNKNOWN, died cir 1882. William died cir 1917.

40. v Thomas PENFORD born cir 1838.

41. vi Henry PENFORD born cir 1843.

vii Daniel PENFORD born c Oct 1844, died 28 Nov 1844.

42. viii John PENFORD born cir 1844.

43. ix Daniel Guy PENFORD born cir 1847.

x Harriet PENFORD born cir 1849, died cir 1937.

44. xi Fredrick PENFORD born cir 1851.

xii Jane Dorothy PENFORD born cir 1854, died cir 1936.


Eleventh Generation

40. Thomas Penford

Thomas PENFORD born cir 1838, married Emma DEVONPORT, died cir 1872. Thomas died cir 1898.


47. i James Davenport PENFORD born bef 1865.


41. Henry Penford

Henry PENFORD born cir 1843, married Eliza COWLEY, died cir 1919. Henry died cir 1928.


48. i Beatrice PENFORD.

ii Anna Mary Christian PENFORD born bef 1865, married John ELSE, born cir 1864.

iii Henry PENFORD born cir 1867, died cir 1867.

iv Henry Thomas PENFORD born cir 1868, died cir 1869.

v Frances Elizabeth PENFORD born bef 1870, died ?.

vi John William PENFORD born bef 1874, died ?.

vii Florence PENFORD born cir 1875, died ?.

viii Nelly Ida PENFORD born bef 1881, died bef 1899.


42. John Penford

John PENFORD born cir 1844, married _____ UNKNOWN. John died cir 1929.


i Alice Maud PENFORD born bef 1885, died ?.

ii Henry George PENFORD born bef 1886, died ?.

iii John Victor PENFORD born bef 1887, died cir 1915.

iv Albert James PENFORD born bef 1889, died ?.

v Harold PENFORD born bef 1891, died ?.


43. Daniel Guy Penford

Daniel Guy PENFORD born cir 1847, married Dinah WARD, born cir 1851, died cir 1899. Daniel died cir 1937.


i Henry Thomas PENFORD born bef 1872, died cir 1941.

ii Harriet Ann PENFORD born bef 1874, married George WISE. Harriet died cir 1931.

iii Amelia PENFORD born bef 1875, died cir 1935.

49. iv Lousia PENFORD born bef 1877.

v Daniel PENFORD born bef 1880, died cir 1880.

50. vi William PENFORD born bef 1881.

51. vii Helen PENFORD born bef 1883.

52. viii John PENFORD born bef 1885.

53. ix Daniel Guy PENFORD born bef 1887.

54. x Frederick PENFORD born cir 1889.

55. xi Henry Guy PENFORD born cir 1891.


44. Fredrick Penford

Fredrick PENFORD born cir 1851, married Sarah THURMAN, died cir 1928. Fredrick died cir 1900.


i Alice PENFORD born bef 1875, died ?.

56. ii Mary PENFORD born bef 1877.

iii Ann PENFORD born bef 1881, died ?.

iv Harriet PENFORD born cir 1883, married Henry BROWN. Harriet died ?.

v William Henry PENFORD born cir 1888, died cir 1917.

vi Dorothy PENFORD born bef 1892, died cir 1900.


Twelfth Generation

47. James Davenport Penford

James Davenport PENFORD born bef 1865, married Elizabeth Matilda RUDD.


i Emma Elizabeth PENFORD born cir 1892, died ?.

ii Dora PENFORD born bef 1894.

iii Lillian PENFORD born bef 1896.


48. Beatrice Penford

Beatrice PENFORD married _____ UNKNOWN.


i Arthur Henry PENFORD born bef 1897.


49. Lousia Penford

Lousia PENFORD born bef 1877, married Edward CLAY.
Lousia died 24 March 1950, Edward died 7th June 1931.


i Jack CLAY.
ii Mary Louisa CLAY.
iii Alice CLAY.
iv Ruth CLAY.
v Arthur CLAY.
vi Willfred CLAY (died at 3 years old).
vii Phyllis CLAY.

50. William Penford

William PENFORD born bef 1881, married Fanny DIXON. William died cir 1944.


i Dinah PENFORD married William RHOADES.

ii William Henry Guy PENFORD.

iii Rex PENFORD.

iv Raymond PENFORD.

v Peter PENFORD died cir 1977.

vi Michael PENFORD.



51. Helen Penford

Helen PENFORD born bef 1883, married unknown. Helen died ?.


60. i Gladys PENFORD born cir 1906.


52. John Penford

John PENFORD born bef 1885, married Edith FOTHERINGHAM, died cir 1948. John died aft 1966.


Alice Edith Alan i Alice PENFORD mar Kenneth HARWOOD.

ii Ronald PENFORD.

61. iii Muriel PENFORD.

iv Alan PENFORD.

62. v Dennis PENFORD.

63. vi Audrey PENFORD.

64. vii Keith PENFORD.

65. viii John Robert PENFORD born cir 1917.


53. Daniel Guy Penford

Daniel Guy PENFORD born bef 1887, married Lillian BACON, born cir 1885, died cir 1975. Daniel died cir 1962.


i Dorothy PENFORD.

ii Mary PENFORD.

iii Eric Guy PENFORD born cir 1911, married Marion Mary MOSELEY, died cir 1967. Eric died cir 1977.

iv Dora Gabriel PENFORD born cir 1913.

v Victor Morley PENFORD born cir 1915, died cir 1985.

vi Douglas Harvey PENFORD born cir 1920, died cir 1980.


54. Frederick Penford

Frederick PENFORD born cir 1889, married May SCOFFINS, born cir 1892, died cir 1977. Frederick died cir 1967.


66. i Edna PENFORD born cir 1915.

67. ii Frederick Raymond PENFORD born cir 1917.

iii Lenard W PENFORD born bef 1919, died cir 1919.

68. iv Dorothy PENFORD born cir 1920.

69. v Jack PENFORD born cir 1927.

70. vi Harry PENFORD born cir 1929.

71. vii Maisie PENFORD born cir 1930.


55. Henry Guy Penford

Henry Guy PENFORD born cir 1891, married Ada Caroline BETTS, born cir 1891, died cir 1975. Henry died cir 1979.


72. i Jessie PENFORD born cir 1920.

ii Elsie Agnes PENFORD born cir 1922, married William Fredrick PEAT, born cir 1920.

73. iii Evelyn PENFORD born cir 1924.


56. Mary Penford

Mary PENFORD born bef 1877, married John Henry CHARLTON, born cir 1873, died cir 1960. Mary died

cir 1943.


i Doris Mary Pervil CHARLTON born cir 1903, died cir 1990.

ii Hilda Hope CHARLTON born cir 1905, died cir 1984.

iii Edna Seamer CHARLTON born cir 1908, married John Frederick Ivo WHITE, born cir 1908. Edna died cir 1992.

74. iv John Leslie CHARLTON born cir 1912.

75. v Gwen CHARLTON born cir 1914.

Thirteenth Generation

The marriage of Dorothy & Ronald Penford in Shipley Yorkshire cir.1944

from left to right Rose Victoria, Dennis, Ronald & Dorothy, Dorothy's parents, Audrey 

60. Gladys Penford

Gladys PENFORD born cir 1906, married Albert Barnsley, born cir 1905, died cir 1993. Gladys died cir 1993.


i Shirley BARNSLEY.

ii Malcolm BARNSLEY.


61. Muriel Penford

Muriel PENFORD married Charles DAKIN.


i Mavis DAKIN.


62. Dennis Penford

Dennis PENFORD married _____ UNKNOWN.


i Steven PENFORD.

ii Susan PENFORD.


63. Audrey Penford

Audrey PENFORD married Harold TALBOT.


i Hugh TALBOT.


64. Keith Gordon Penford

Keith Gordon PENFORD married Margaret Evelyn KELLY.

Children by Margarets previous marriage:

Laurie Andrew PENFORD

Children by Keith Gordon PENFORD:

78a i Daniel Bradley PENFORD. married Audrey Rachael SOEPBOER

ii Brian Keith PENFORD.


65. John Robert Penford

John Robert PENFORD born cir 1917, married Rose Victoria SCOFFIN. John died bef 1992.


79. i Norman PENFORD.

ii John PENFORD.

80. iii Alan PENFORD.

81. iv Anita PENFORD.


66. Edna Penford

Edna PENFORD born cir 1915, married Lawson Bentley CRESSWELL, died cir 1987.



ii Roger CRESSWELL married Angela BELLAMY.

82. iii Lynn CRESSWELL.


67. Frederick Raymond Penford

Frederick Raymond PENFORD born cir 1917, married Molly SHEAF, born cir 1921.


83. i Susan PENFORD.


68. Dorothy Penford

Dorothy PENFORD born cir 1920, married Arthur Norman HARRIS, born cir 1920, died cir 1985.


84. i Anthony Norman HARRIS.

ii Diane HARRIS.

69. Jack Penford

Jack PENFORD born cir 1927, married Josephine SCOTT, born cir 1927.


85. i Jane PENFORD.

86. ii Jonathan PENFORD.

87. iii Mary PENFORD.

88. iv Sarah PENFORD.

v Jeremy PENFORD.


70. Harry Penford

Harry PENFORD born cir 1929, married Shelia Eileen Ann DIXON, born cir 1931.


i Stephen John PENFORD.

ii Ian John PENFORD married Sarah Elizabeth FLATTERS.


71. Maisie Penford

Maisie PENFORD born cir 1930, married James Ernest TERRY.


i Judith Ann TERRY married Nigel William GODFREY.

ii Alison Jane TERRY.


72. Jessie Penford

Jessie PENFORD born cir 1920, married Alwyn Frederick BROWN, born cir 1920.


i Carl Alwyn BROWN, born cir. 1961 died cir.1974.


73. Evelyn Penford

Evelyn PENFORD born cir 1924, married Roy JONES, born cir 1920.


i Paul Adrain JONES born cir 1948.

ii Karen ARAM.


74. John Leslie Charlton

John Leslie CHARLTON born cir 1912, married Joyce WHARF, born cir 1915. John died cir 1970.


i Janet Mary CHARLTON married Anthanassios TSIAMIS.

89. ii John Brain CHARLTON.


75. Gwen Charlton

Gwen CHARLTON born cir 1914, married Ernest KEMP.


90. i Irene KEMP.

91. ii John KEMP.

iii Mary KEMP.

92. iv Roger KEMP.


Fourteenth Generation

78a. Daniel Bradley Penford

One big happy family

Hey where's my da

Daniel Bradley PENFORD married Audrey Rachael SOEPBOER


i Tayler Janet PENFORD

ii Hunter Paige PENFORD

79. Norman Penford

Norman PENFORD married Clairene PRINGLE.

Children by Clairenes previous marriage:

i Lynne PENFORD married Steve Crerar.

Children by Norman PENFORD:

ii John Cameron PENFORD.

iii Elizabeth Lynne PENFORD.


80. Alan Penford

Alan PENFORD married (1) Marjorie Anne BISSETT. (2) cir 1978 Shirley ANDERSON

Children by Marjorie Anne BISSETT:

i Tara Lynne PENFORD.

ii Robert Alan PENFORD.

81. Anita Penford

81. Anita PENFORD married Ewan ALEXANDER.


i William Neil ALEXANDER.

ii John Colin ALEXANDER.


82. Lynn Cresswell

Lynn CRESSWELL married Michael CURSLEY.





83. Susan Penford

Susan PENFORD married Robert NUTTALL.


i James NUTTALL.

ii Diane NUTTALL.


84. Anthony Norman Harris

Anthony Norman HARRIS married Lynda Mary ROWLAND.


i Barbara Ellen HARRIS.

ii Richard John HARRIS.


85. Jane Penford

Jane PENFORD married Andrew TIPLER.


i Sarah TIPLER.

ii Karl TIPLER.


86. Jonathan Penford

Jonathan PENFORD married Ann Teresa BERRELL.

iv Amy Elizabeth PENFORD.


87. Mary Penford

Mary PENFORD married Anthony Richard BAKER.


i Keri Penford BAKER.

ii Jack Joseph Penford BAKER.

iii Robbie Forest Penford BAKER.

88. Sarah Penford

Sarah PENFORD married John Rankin.


i Sefa Rankin Penford born cir 1989, died cir 1991.

ii Katharine Penford RANKIN born cir 1991.

iii Danny Penford RANKIN born cir 1993.


89. John Brian Charlton

John Brian CHARLTON married Dorothy UNKNOWN.


i Jason Paul CHARTON.

ii Peter John CHARLTON.

iii Kym Marie CHARLTON.


90. Irene Kemp

Irene KEMP married David HAWKINS.


i Colin HAWKINS.

ii Karen HAWKINS.


91. John Kemp

John KEMP married Mary TREDGETT.


i Nicola KEMP.

ii Charlotte KEMP.


92. Roger Kemp

Roger KEMP married Cris UNKNOWN.


i Scott KEMP.

ii Dee KEMP.

 Fifteenth Generation


Lynne PENFORD married Steve CREERAR


i Harrison CREERAR.

ii Alexander CREERAR.

iii Caelan CREERAR.


Elizabeth Lynne PENFORD

Elizabeth Lynne PENFORD married Mitch NELSON


i Victoria NELSON



Tara Lynn Penford married 10 June 1995 Daniel Thomas MITCHELL


i. Thomas Alan MITCHELL.
ii. Alison Rose MITCHELL.


Robert Alan PENFORD

Robert Alan PENFORD married Melissa Plum


i Corey Jack Willis PENFORD

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