The Guy Lineage


Sixth Generation


22. Robert Guy

Robert GUY, Tuesday 06 Oct 1640, Long Clawson, married (1) on Wedensday 14 Nov 1666, in Saxelby, Elizabeth NEWTON, (daughter of _____ Newton and UNKNOWN) buried on Monday 19 Jun 1669, Long Clawson, married (2) Elizabeth unknown. Robert buried on Monday 27 Mar 1704.

Children by Elizabeth NEWTON:

i Anne GUY.

ii Edward GUY born bef 1667, died bef 1669.

iii Elizabeth GUY.

iv Mary GUY born bef 1667, married Henry HAGSDALE.

v Edward GUY born bef 1672.

25. vi Robert GUY born bef 1678.

23. Richard Gye

Born on Monday the 26th of February, Knipton; baptised on Thursday the 1st of March 1654/5 at Long Clawson, farmed the Hall Farm Knipton now called Knipton Lodge. He was buried at Knipton on Tuesday the 13th of August 1723. 'Farmer', he died 'well-to-do', but left his son Edward one shilling in his Will. Inventory of Goods.

Richard and his wife Elizabeth had six children, four sons and two daughters. Elizabeth died three years after her husband. Buried on Tuesday 20 Sep 1726, Knipton. Will dated 1726.


26. i Edward GUY.

ii Richard GUY buried: 17 Oct 1724, Knipton.

27. iii Elizabeth GUY.

iv Eleanor GUY 05 Jun 1709, Knipton.

28. v Andrew GUY.

vi Mary GUY 27 Mar 1698, Long Clawson, married 07 Jul 1728, in Knipton, Thos. TYLER.

The Church of All Saints, Knipton 

The Church of All Saints Knipton


The Church (All Saints) is an ancient structure, with a nave, chancel, north and south aisles, north porch, and a tower containing three bells. It was thoroughly repaired and re-roofed in 1845-6, at a cost of 520, when it was fitted up with new open seats, with cast iron ends, in imitation of carved oak. Four windows which had been blocked up have been re-opend, as also is the arch which separates the tower and the nave. The pulpit is constructed of stone, and was given by Lord John and Lady Adeliza Manners in 1844. A new floor of wood, one foot higher than the old one, has been laid down, and in the chancel are a few monumental tablets. The structure was enlarged in 1869, when the south aisle was built, and four new windows inserted in the north aisle in lieu of the old ones.


24. Hugh GUY

Hugh GUY born cir 1630, married _____ UNKNOWN.


29. i Richard GUY.

ii Hugh GUY 04 Sep 1652, Long Clawson, married 07 Feb 1679, in Long Clawson Leicestershire England, Mary HENSLEY.

Seventh Generation

25. Robert Guy

Robert GUY born bef 1678, married 19 Nov 1702, in Long Clawson, Anne BEESON.


i Anne GUY.

ii Elizabeth GUY.

iii Robert GUY.

iv Edward GUY.

26. Edward Guy

Edward and Bridget Bissel of Knipton an Anabaptist were married by licence at Knipton on Monday the 29th of May 1721. Edward baptised on Sunday 27 May 1694 at Long Clawson moved to Bottesford and inherited land from his uncle, Andrew. He was buried on Tuesday the 15th of December 1772. They had five children three sons and two daughters.


i Eleanor GUY.

ii Edward GUY married 03 Sep 1770, in Bottesford, Elizabeth BROWN. Named in his grandfather's Will of the 1st of March 1772

30. iii Thomas GUY born cir 1729.

iv Mary GUY born cir 1732.

v Richard GUY baptised: 30 Nov 1743, Bottesford, buried: 05 Dec 1743, Bottesford.

27. Elizabeth Guy

Elizabeth GUY married on Sunday 08 Aug 1714, in Knipton, William CHESTER, buried: cir 1737, Knipton.



ii William CHESTER.

iii Elizabeth CHESTER.

28. Andrew Guy

Andrew GUY, Sunday 16 Feb 1695/6, Long Clawson, married Elizabeth UNKNOWN, buried on Thursday 15 Sep 1768. Andrew buried on Monday 14 Mar 1747/8, Knipton.


i ____ Guy.

ii ____ Guy.

iii ____ Guy.

29. Richard Guy

Richard GUY married Margaret UNKNOWN.


31. i Hugh GUY born cir 1672.

ii Anne GUY born cir 1674.

iii Elizabeth GUY born cir 1677, married Joseph SMITH.

iv Robert GUY born cir 1679.

v Anne GUY born cir 1683.

vi Richard GUY born cir 1690.

Eighth Generation


30. Thomas Guy

Thomas, born in 1729,'Farmer', of Normanton, Bottesford married Mary Calcraft, born on Friday 13 May 1737, (daughter of Wright Calcraft and Mary UNKNOWN), an ancient yeoman family of Bottesford on Sunday the 25th of November1759 by licence, in Bottesford. Thomas died on Monday 30th May 1785 in his 57th year. Mary CALCRAFTdied on Monday 07 Nov 1803, buried: Bottesford.


i Mary GUY 25 Jul 1760, Bottesford, died 13 Sep 1828, Bottesford.

ii Wright GUY 22 Sep 1765, Bottesford, married 15 Jul 1790, in Nottingham, Ann LEES.

iii Calcrafta GUY 08 Feb 1769, Bottesford, married 25 Apr 1797, in Bottesford, Joseph SISSLING.

32. iv John GUY.

33. v Thomas GUY born c Dec 1761.

31. Hugh Guy

Hugh GUY born cir 1672, married on Thursday 23 Jul 1696, in St Marys Nottingham, Ann RAGSDALE, born cir 1670, died on Sunday 15 Feb 1729, buried: Long Clawson.


i Margaret Guy 18 Jul 1696, Long Clawson.

ii Anne Guy 1700, Long Clawson.

iii Margaret Guy 03 Jul 1705, Long Clawson.

iv Dorothy Guy 18 Jul 1708, Long Clawson.

V Dorothy Guy 13 Dec 1713, Long Clawson.


M.I. to John Guy in Bottesford

Ninth Generation

32. John Guy

John Guy, baptised on Monday the 14th of October 1771, Bottesford, settled in Nottingham and married Mary Gilbert, widow of Samuel Brotherhood, on Sunday the 14th of January 1798 at St. Mary's Church Nottingham by licence. He suffered from gout. John died on Tuesday 18 Oct 1853.


i Mary GUY.

ii Thomas GUY 07 Jan 1801.

34. iii William GUY born 22 Dec 1802.

iv Joseph GUY born cir 1814, Nottingham.

33. Thomas Guy

Thomas GUY born on Saturday 26 Dec 1761, Bottesford, married on Thursday 05 Sep 1793, in Bottesford, Francis CRAGG,

born cir 1769, (daughter of Daniel Cragg and Millicent unknown) died on Sunday 08 Nov 1840, buried: Bottesford. Thomas died on Thursday 11 Apr 1833, buried: Bottesford. Will dated 1833


i Thomas GUY born bef 1794, died cir 1818.

35. ii John GUY born cir 1798.

iii Daniel GUY born 24 Dec 1798, married Elizabeth UNKNOWN, born 24 JUL 1802, died 31 MAY 1879, buried: Bottesford. Daniel died 11 Dec 1875, buried: Bottesford.

iv Mary GUY born cir 1802, married William GUY, born 22 Dec 1802, 02 Jan 1803, Nottingham, (son of John GUY and Betty GILBERT) died 04 May 1882.

36. v Elizabeth GUY born cir 1804.

vi William GUY born 15 Sep 1806, married Mary UNKNOWN, born 16 Aug 1814, died 30 ___ 1882. William died 18 Nov 1875.

37. vii Ann GUY born cir 1810.

The church of St. Mary, Bottesford

The Church of St. Mary Bottesford

The Church (St. Mary) is a large and handsome structure of fourteenth and fifteenth century work, and with alterations made after the Reformation, and consists of a nave, a spacious chancel, having clerestory windows, two aisles, south porch, and north and south transept, with a square tower at the west end, and surmounted by a handsome crocketed spire, rising to a height of 222 feet, of which the tower measures 87 feet. The tower contains a fine peal of six bells, re-hung in 1869, of which the tenor weighs 27 cwt.; and there are in the steeple remains of chimes, which used to play every three hours. The church was thoroughly restored, new roofed, and re-seated in 1847, when new windows were inserted and a western arch opened, at a total expenditure of 2300, raised by rate and subscription An organ, built by Messrs. Forster & Andrews, of Hull, was placed in the church in 1859, at a cost of 240, and the tower was then repaired and a lightning conductor affixed, at an outlay of 70, raised by rate and subscription. The tower became so dangerous in 1864 that it was resolved to underpin the foundations with much harder stone, and to increase their projection. Eighty new steps were inserted in the tower in place of other which had broken from the newell and severed from the wall, sinking each of them nearly two inches. These works were completed at the cost of about 1900, defrayed by subscription. The only curiosities found during the repairs were a sanctus bell and some wollen covered balls. Most of the seats are free and open at the ends, and the pulpit is of finely carved oak, dated 1631. The octagonell and rudely sculptured font stands on four heavy balusters. The chancel is 60feet long and 27 broad, and underwent considerable alterations and repairs in the early part of the 16th century, under the direction of Thomas, the first Earl of Rutland, for the reception of the coffins and monumental remains of his ancestors, which he removed from Belvoir Priory after the Dissolution. There are many alabaster effigies and tombs of the Manners family within the chancel. The accounts for the funeral of Thomas Manners 1st Earl of Rutland 1543 show ____To Richard Guy for carriage of two loads of timber from Nottingham to make the hearse at Bottesford 6s. 0d. ______


Tenth Generation

34. William Guy

William GUY born on Wedensday 22 Dec 1802, 02 Jan 1803, Nottingham, married (1) Elizabeth DUTTON, born cir 1803,

(daughter of George Dutton a farmer of Carlton, Nottinghamshire ) died on Sunday 04 Oct 1856, married (2) Mary GUY, born

cir 1802, (daughter of Thomas GUY and Francis CRAGG). William died on Thursday 04 May 1882. This marriage produced no children.

William, a lace manufacturer at Newcastle Street, Nottingham became a Freeman of Nottingham and dwelt with his family for years in a haunted house with bloodstains on the floor, [got cheaply].

Children by Elizabeth DUTTON:

i Charlotte Augusta GUY born cir 1830, died 19 Aug 1913, Nottingham.

38. ii John William GUY born 16 Dec 1833.

iii George Silas GUY born cir 1836, Nottingham, married (1) Hannah MARTIN, (daughter of Reubin Martin and Unknown) married (2) Henrietta WILLIAMS. George died cir 1912, Malvern, buried: Malvern.

iv Mary E. GUY born cir 1843, died cir 1931.

35. John Guy

John GUY born cir 1798, occupation Plumber, married, Monday 24 Jul 1820, in Bottesford, Mary JACKSON, born cir 1795, died on Wedensday 11 Aug 1869, buried: Bottesford. John died on Sunday 18 Sep 1853, buried: Bottisford.


i Thomas GUY.

ii Amelia Jackson GUY born 04 Mar 1821, Bottesford.

39. iii Harriet Jackson GUY born cir 1824.

iv Cornelius Jackson GUY born 11 Feb 1831, 13 Feb 1831, Bottesford, occupation Plumbers Apprentice, married aft 1851, Jane UNKNOWN, born 24 Sep 1837, died 19 Dec 1925, buried: Bottisford. Cornelius died 23 Jan 1897, buried: Bottisford.

v Betsy GUY born Leics., 09 Feb 1834, Bottesford.

vi Mary Jackson GUY born cir 1840.

36. Elizabeth Guy

Elizabeth GUY born cir 1804, married William LOVETT.


i Mary LOVETT born cir 1834.

ii Thomas LOVETT born 30 Dec 1837, married Ann Unknown, born cir 1842, died 15 Jan 1913, buried: Bottisford. Thomas died 18 Nov 1875, buried: Bottisford.

37. Ann GUY

Ann GUY born cir 1810, married 29 Jun 1831, in Newark Upon Trent Nottinghamshire, Henry Thomas

PENFORD, born bef 1806, died cir 1859. Ann died cir 1878, buried: Mansfield.


i Ann Francis Guy PENFORD died cir 1915.

ii Elizabeth PENFORD.

iii Mary PENFORD married Francis BARKS, died cir 1912. Mary died cir 1912.

iv William Guy PENFORD born cir 1832, married Ann UNKNOWN, died cir 1882. William died cir 1917.

Eleventh Generation

John William Guy

Ann Hickling

John William Guy born, Monday 16 Dec 1833, married twice like his father before him. First to Marianne, Monday, 27 Jan 1834, Nottingham, daughter of maltster Ebenezer Hickling and his wife Ann: Marianne died on Friday the 26th of October 1888 at Torquay and is buried in Nottingham. Then in 1889 he married Mary James at St. Mary's church, Nottingham. They moved to Wedensbury where he bought and worked coal-pits. He became a J.P. for the County of Stafford. John died on Sunday the 8th of August 1909 at Littleford Lodge, Malvern, and was buried in Nottingham Cemetery. Marianne and John had two children Phoebe Elizabeth and my grandfather, John Percy.

Ann Hickling Children by Marianne HICKLING:

45. i Phoebe Elizabeth GUY born 25 Aug 1859.

46. ii John Percy GUY born 16 Apr 1874.

39. Harriet Jackson Guy

Harriet Jackson GUY born cir 1824, occupation Straw Bonnet Maker, married unknown.


i Louise GUY 08 Jul 1850, Bottesford.

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