A Locomotive & coaches wanted a home and railway to run on

The locomotive and the 3 coaches are 15 inch gauge. Batteries supply the power to the engine which is a scaled down Stanier Black 5 Number 5305. It is easy to drive, needs no coal and water, but looks like the real thing. Charge it up overnight and it will pull the 3 coaches for 4 or 5 hours running time. The controls are easy, push a lever and it goes forward and pull the lever back and it goes backward. The driver sits in the tender and there is a brake which is easily applied when required to stop.

Black 5 locomotive 5305

The train was made for a client in Canada who was going to run it on his estate with his children aged 9 to 15 driving it on a scenic route over 10 acres of land. Soon after arriving in Canada the family had to move house and the locomotive and carriages were returned to the UK.

Despite attempts over the years to find a buyer none came forward and the equipment was given to Austin Moss on the proviso that they are used to give rides to the public. Its at Windmill Farm in Lancashire.

Side view of LMS Black 5 5305


Batteries are housed in the tender. power is from a 24 volt motor. Bearings are greased filled roller bearings. Control is by solid state electronics. Air brakes are operated from a compressor fitted on the locomotive or can be fitted on the first carriage. Speed is variable with a maximum of about 10mph. On trial the locomotive has hauled the train with 24 persons on board. Any sensible person over the age of 10 can operate it safely and satisfactorily.

Each carriage seats 4 adults comfortably. Air operated brakes are fitted to one bogie on each carriage giving a very short stopping distance, Entry to each carriage is from one side only.


Locomotive and tender is 16 feet long and weighs approximately 1 ton

Each carriage is 12 feet long and weighs about 5 hundredweight.

The train is suitable for an existing 15 inch gauge railway, park or play area with suitable adult supervision. It would have complemented a heritage steam railway where space is available and children catered for. Stately Homes could use it effectively as an instant transport from car park to house or garden or even for touring the gardens.

The asking price for the locomotive and three carriages was 25,000. Eight batteries are really needed for a full days running.

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coaches built for the train seat 4

The coaches built by Austin Moss at Windmill Farm

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