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 A range of quality rolling stock & equipment is for sale for miniature railway and narrow gauge railways.

side view of 7.25 inch gauge bogieTop view of 10.25 inch gauge bogie

Heavy duty 7.25 inch gauge bogie                         10.25 inch gauge bogie

Heavy Duty Sprung Bogies

Constructed to a high quality and available in gauges from 5 inch gauge to 12.25 inch Gauge.

They feature roller bearings as standard. Braking systems can also be fitted if required. Finished in black gloss to a high standard.

Available Sizes:

5 inch gauge

7.25 inch gauge (normally available from stock)

top view of 7.25 inch gauge bogie

Top view of 7.25 inch gauge bogie. Pivots or centre hole to customer need.

10.25 inch gauge

New bogie

New 10.25 inch gauge Air braked bogie February 2007

underside of bogie showing air cylinder

Underside of new air braked bogie

Can be provided un-braked or with air brakes. Wheel diameters of 10 or 8 inches can be provided along with different wheel thicknesses. These bogies have been successfully used for many years at Rudyard lake steam railway. They have also been supplied to the Mull Railway

In early 2012  a production run of heavy duty bogies is being built for the Ferry Meadows and Rudyard lake steam railways. Similar bogies are available for around 1600 each dependent on final specification.

New bogie frame under construction 2012

12.25 inch gauge Rolling Stock

We can supply  rolling stock wheel sets and bogies at prices broadly similar to to our 10.25 inch equipment. Please ask about your specific needs



New wheel blank ready for pressing on axlenew wheel blanks




10.25 inch gauge wheel ready for pressing onto the axle                                          A pair of 10 inch diameter 10.25 or 12.25 inch gauge wheels newly turned from EN8 steel

Please contact us for a quotation for price and delivery and for any special orders.

The Company can provide fabrication and engineering services. We fit tail lifts to a wide variety of vehicles. General steel fabrication work can also be undertaken.

Rolling Stock- Coaches

We can supply coaches and wagons to any design for gauges up to 15 inch gauge.  A series of coaches suitable for 10.25 inch,  12.25 or 15 inch gauge narrow gauge railways is available.

A pair of 12 seat enclosed coaches for were sold to the Rudyard Lake Steam Railway  in 2007 and put straight into in service. These can be inspected by arrangement if required. They have proved to be very successful and are in frequent use and run over 5000 miles a year. A third similar brake coach was supplied in 2011.

New bogie carriage 2007

 First New coach ready for fitting out 9 March 2007

Fabricated with steel frames and panels and finish spray painted to your requirements. Options of glazing , overall roofs, doors and total seating capacity are readily available. Please contact us initially by email  at info@ltmeng.co.uk to discuss your particular needs. Guide price is 5000 to 6500 dependent on specification

Detail of seating

view from the inside is excellent

Interior of New LTM Coach showing clear view obtained

new railway carriage on deliveryNo.8 takes the steam hauled test train

Coach 31st March 2007 after delivery to Rudyard         Test train 31st March 2007

easy transport was plannedBoth new railway carriges in use at Rudyard Lake steam railway

For Ease of movement designed to be by a standard car trailer

Three of our coaches are in now use on the Rudyard Lake Railway. The latest coach built is an enclosed 8 seater with large guards compartment brought into service at Rudyard in August 2011.

Wagons and Rolling Stock

We are about to start construction of a series of wagons in 10.25 inch gauge. These are substantially constructed and based on the concept proved by Alan Boon. Similar wagons have been used on the Mull Railway and at Rudyard Lake. They can be scaled up or down for 7.25, 12.25 and 15 inch gauges. A picture of a Rudyard wagon is shown below. Size, Brake system, Livery to the customers own requirements

Drop sided wagonSimilar wagon in use at Rudyard Lake Steam Railway

The company has close links with the Rudyard Lake Steam Railway, Leek, Staffordshire where examples of products can be seen in use.

Locomotive Repairs

worn Exmoor railway wheel profile2 newly overhauled engine wheels

A worn wheel from an Exmoor Steam locomotive from Brookside and the repaired wheel sets with new bearings also fitted


Click on these links for examples of typical uses of our products

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Please contact Eddie Maclean via info@ltmeng.co.uk

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