This site is dedicated to the steam and diesel railway locomotives which were stored, restored or ran at Steamtown and the people who made it happen. Steamtown was the name for the former British Rail 10A engine shed, sidings and carriage and wagon works located to the west of Carnforth station

This opened to the public in 1969, it developed into a major tourist attraction and flourished for a while. Then decline set in and it was closed to the public in 1997. Its now a busy maintenance depot for West Coast Railways. This is a leading private operator on Network rail and still owned by the company first set up to run the museum.

The museum developed from the accidental coexistence of a local railway enthusiast GP Peter Beet, the Lancaster railway circle ( a local train spotting group and that Carnforth was one of the last 3 steam locomotive depots on British railways. It was a main or garage shed with greater repair facilities than a normal engine shed and had the final shed code 10A. Peter Beet bought a 2-6-0 Ivatt class 2 tender engine No. 46441 based at Carnforth in 1967 and set about restoring it whilst the shed was still in active use. He rented a siding and then other engines started to arrive. The contact necessary to buy engines had been made and more people followed in the scramble to buy as many engines as possible.

This will be the story of Steamtown railway museum. The areas to be covered are:

Beginning & Lakeside Railway The story from 1967 until the spilt with the scheme to preserve the Lakeside branch

Steamtown in early 1970's Steamtown develops (1970-74)

The McAlpine era

Decline & The abortive Cadman takeover

The David Smith takeover

Public Closure

Open Days July 2008



Andrew Barclay saddle tanks Hurricane & John Howe

Andrew Barclay saddle tanks |No.1 Hurricane & John Howe in steam at Steamtown for a film contract

Wigan coal & iron company 0-6-0 Lindsay

Wigan coal and iron company 0-6-0 Lindsay & Hurricane

The flying buffer beam visited steamtown

The flying buffer beam was a visitor

locomotive cavalcade 1983

Cavalcades were a regular feature

under the ash plant

Even diesels featured under the Ash plant

German 012 oil fired pacific

And the big one the oil fired 012 pacific


Carnforth engine shed ( 10A) as a main shed had a fairly well equipped workshop with shaper, lathes, wheel drop, wheelathe and forge etc

My interest in STEAMTOWN started at the age of 18 in 1968 with my visits to the old 10A at the end of steam. Preserved steam locomotives had started to arrive for storage in 1967 & 1968 so the obvious next step was to join in. So a lifelong passion developed.


Beginning & Lakeside Railway

Steamtown in early 1970's Steamtown develops (1970-74)

Steamtown Miniature Railway was a 15 inch gauge railway on the site

The people who made it happen

Steamtown memories & recollections

My interest has continued with the purchase and development of the Rudyard Lake Steam Railway in Staffordshire, one of the Uk's foremost miniature railways.


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