About the Wigtownshire Railway


1872 - Wigtownshire Railway Wigtownshire Railway authorised
1875 - Wigtownshire Railway Opened from Newton Stewart (Portpatrick Railway) to Wigtown
1876 - Wigtownshire Railway Opened from Wigtown to Garlieston and Millisle
1903 - Garlieston Branch Millisle closed to passengers
1950 - Whithorn to Newton Stewart closed to passengers.
1964 - Newton Stewart shed closed and track lifted on closure of the Wigtownshire Railway

Photo shows view from the former station looking south.

Opened: 3 April 1876
Closed:25 September 1950.

This station was to the south east of the town. The Wigtownshire Railway had its workshops here. The platform of the station remains here (shown above), the track was on the left. There was a goods yard here approached from the south. The station formerly had a monkey puzzle tree by it.

THOMAS WHEATLEY 1874. He leased the Wigtownshire Railway which he operated until his death on 13th March 1883.

Railway 1877

1885 Portpatrick Railway Caledonian Railway lease expires - the Portpatrick Railway and Wigtownshire Railway become jointly run as the Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway - controlled by the Caledonian Railway, London and North Western Railway, Glasgow and South Western Railway and Midland Railway. The stock was owned by all four companies and operated by the two Scottish companies. The Joint company also owned 4/5 of the Larne and Stranraer Steamship Joint Committee, the remaining 1/5 owned by the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway.

An evacuee arrives at Wigtown Station during WW2.......
Many hours later the train screeched to a halt at Wigtown station, deep in the heartland of Border country (sic). We were ushered onto the platform like cattle heading for the slaughter house. Above us the sky opened and the rain poured down. Within minutes we were soaked, cold, hungry and crying for our parents and familiar things from our earlier past. All we'd taken for granted was behind us.

Still crying and upset, we were approached by uniformed women from the WRVS who motioned to a policeman to open the side gate and allow an onrush of civilian men and women to enter the platform. Amid the chaos a grey uniformed lady eventually scanned her list and picked myself and sister from the crowd, also a boy of twelve who seemed reluctant to join our small party. However, his protests were waved aside and all three of us were signed over to a dark haired man in his mid-forties who showed us out to his small car......

The Station Buildings
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