Wigtownshire Railway Routing through the Machars'As our sketch of the Burgh would be incomplete without a survey of it in its modern aspect. we shall take a rapid glance at its principal features, commencing at the railway station. The mere mention of the Station brings before us the fact of the existence of the Wigtownshire railway — quite a modem feature of the Burgh, and a feature as important as it is striking; for nothing that has of recent years been introduced into the district can at all approach it in the way of developing the resources of the country through which it runs. The advantages to a district of railway communication with the rest of the world are so evident that we need not waste time dwelling upon them.

The recent completion of the line to Whithorn has realised all the expectations of the Directors of the Company, and henceforth the line may be considered to commence a prosperous history. The district will be under lasting gratitude to the noble Earl of Galloway. Chairman of the Directors, whose unceasing exertions have mainly realised the

Wigtown Station 1900

completed line. Railway communication in the district has been for many years "a felt want." About 15 or 18 years ago a strong movement was made by the County gentlemen and others to form a line of Railway for the Machars, and but for a disagreement among them as to the proper route, the movement would have been successful.

The line is under the able management of Mr. I. Wheatlev. who has hitherto discharged the duties of his office with such ability and courtesy as to render him a general favourite.

Were it not that the gradient up Wigtown street would he too steep. We would have said that the most proper and convenient situation for the station would be at the foot of Bank Street'
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