Biological and Medical Photography:
Colour and B&W Photographs of Microbes, Plants, Animals and Man;
Light Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, Natural History, the Human Body

About Biophoto Associates

Microscope photographs

Microscopic photography is one of the great strengths of the Biophoto Associates  collection. We have a comprehensive range of light microscope pictures in colour and black and white of small organisms, parts of larger organisms, plant anatomy, animal histology (including human), plant and animal organs, tissues and cells.

Our collection of
scanning electron microscope images contains, in false colour and black and white,  pictures of whole plants and animals, parts of organisms in close-up and surface details.

We have
transmission electron microscope images, in false colour and black and white, of shadowed, sectioned or negatively stained materials which give highly magnified details of plant and animal organs, cells, organelles and inclusions.