The Hove School of English is situated in the City of Brighton and Hove, better known as "London-by-the-sea", just a few minutes walk from the seaside. There is a well-established tradition of English Language teaching in this area and this has resulted in the development of a wide range of cultural, educational and entertainment facilities which will ensure a pleasant stay.

Founded in 1975, it is the policy of the Hove School of English to maintain the friendly, relaxed atmosphere so necessary to our students and to give them careful individual attention.


The Hove School of English has always maintained a reasonable level of fees and offers personal coordinated tuition and small classes. A full variety of services is available covering everything students need to have a comfortable, enjoyable stay.

Note to all agents and educational establishments: Please contact the school if you wish to receive information regarding groups and long-term working relationships. Attractive incentives are offered to all schools and agents working with the Hove School of English.
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