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The Disc i09
The Science Behind Discworld's Flat Earth on the Back of a Turtle

The Disc KnowledgeCentre
What shape is the world?
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Hearing the Shape of a Room
Symmetry VSI cover Symmetry is transformation
Symmetry—a Very Short Introduction
Visions of Infinity cover The Page 99 Test
Visions of Infinity
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Great Mathematical Problems
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The 17 equations that changed the world
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17 maths equations that changed the world - Interview
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Alan Turing, polymath
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Interview with science and math writer Ian Stewart
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The maths formula linked to the financial crash
book cover The Page 99 Test
In Pursuit of the Unknown
(17 Equations That Changed the World)
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There's something strange about February...
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My top ten books in popular mathematics
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The Math of Life
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Maths will help us decipher Life's codes
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Should we popularise mathematics? If so, how?
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Mathematics in nature and everyday life
3 wizards The Guardian
Discworld Convention 2010

numbers Number Symbolism
A series examining numerology throughout the ages—what some civilisations believed about the significance of numbers.
Encyclopaedia Britannica

Part I: Lincoln and Kennedy

Part II: Numbers 1-5

Part III: Numbers 6-10

Part IV: Numbers 11-15

Part V: Numbers 16-20, Plus 100