Letters to a Young Mathematician

The first science book in Basic Books'
acclaimed "Art of Mentoring" series

"No one could have written better on what being a mathematician is all about, and on what it takes to become one. A true gem."
        MARIO LIVIO, author of The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved and The Golden Ratio

"... a collection of marvelous pearls of wisdom concerning what mathematicians do and why they do it. For anyone interested in mathematics, or curious about science in general, this is a must-read."
    RON GRAHAM, former President of the American Mathematical Society; former President of the Mathematical Association of America

"If you are a parent, friend, or spouse of someone who wants to become a mathematician, or of someone you think should become a mathematician, or even someone who already is a mathematician, you should buy that person a copy of this delightful little book. And if you are curious as to exactly what it is that mathematicians do, or why, then buy yourself a copy as well."
    KEITH DEVLIN, author of The Math Gene and The Millennium Problems